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> Fighters that you aren't sold on..., Name 'em
post Jun 3 2012, 08:03 PM
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"The Meanest Nice Guy"

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Do I really need to explain? Name 'em and explain...
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post Jun 3 2012, 10:02 PM
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Junior Flyweight

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QUOTE (Cshel86 @ Jun 3 2012, 09:03 PM) *
Do I really need to explain? Name 'em and explain...

Manny Pacquiao. We are mostly all REAL boxing fans, not sure if an explanation is really necessary.

Ortiz....Great power, good quickness, but I'm not sure if he can keep it all together at the highest level.

Antionio Tarver......haha..just kidding.

Chad Dawson....I want to see him fight someone with a good (doesn't have to be great) work rate and go after him.

After this, start another on who ARE you sold on.
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post Jun 4 2012, 12:55 AM
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Brandon Rios (dude needs to learn how to box for one)

Yuriorkis Gamboa (I seen Gamboa fight once or twice. Solid speed and power, physically gifted guy, but I don't trust his boxing IQ. They're trying to blow this guy up as the next big thing, but I want to see some solid performances first)

Lucian Bute (just got exposed hehehe) (I never thought he was that good, and well Froch got em)

Robert Guerrero (Typical southpaw. Any guy with skills can expose this guy)

Devon Alexander (Devon is a good fighter, I just don't think he's THAT good. The boxing media gives him a lot of attention. Hes been given a lot of gift decisions, particularly I think he lost to Matthysse)

Tavoris Cloud (All power no skill)

Austin Trout (He needs to improve on his physical game, like his punching. He throws pretty sloppy, needs to work on his speed and accuracy)

Peter Quillin (Similar to Trout, plus needs to improve on his work rate. The guy is tryin to be a sharp shooter with power, but he dont got the timing, speed, and accuracy to be one)

All I can think of right now

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post Jun 4 2012, 01:01 AM
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QUOTE (sduck @ Jun 4 2012, 12:55 AM) *
Brandon Rios

Yuriorkis Gamboa

Lucian Bute (just got exposed hehehe)

Robert Guerrero

Devon Alexander

Tavoris Cloud

Austin Trout

Peter Quillin

All I can think of right now, will post explanations later. Actually I'll post explanations right now, give me a minute.

Good list, maybe add mike Jones and Jesse vargas in there too
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The Original MrF...
post Jun 4 2012, 01:31 AM
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Canelo Alvarez - I'd like to see him fight a young tiger in his own division. Lara would be nice. I'll take Trout as a start.

Julio Caesar Chavez jr - Reminds me of Donny Lalonde for some reason. lalonde was manufactured to be a champ until he fought a real guy in Ray Leonard. Same thing will happen when he meets my man Serge...

David Haye at Heavyweight. Great Cruiser, but his Heavyweight resume is lightweight. I think Chisora beats him. Chisora is a crazy colorful character who comes to fight. he's proven himself to be solid in his losses.

Amir Khan - The NEW and improved Zab Judah. This guy is one loss away from being a stepping stone who gets opportunities despite his losses.

Peter Quillen - Great athlete. Probably could have been good at any sport. Doesnt have the footwork or precision to be a great boxer. A good boxer will expose him. Winky almost did. If Winky just had a little bit of power to make Quillen respect him, the fight would have been different. A guy like Felix Sturm will surely beat Quillen.

Felix Trinidad - after his handwrap controversy, he was never the same guy. In fact he retired shortly after. i suspect it was because he was never allowed to wrap his hands the same.

Antonio Margarito - see above...

Abner Mares - nice polite kid. i'm just still pissed that he got away with so many fouls in that 1st Agbeko fight.

Andre Berto - Do I really need to list the reasons?

Lamont Peterson - Surprised and a bit disappointed, cause I really liked the kid.

Andre Dirrell - Sorry, I never bought the fact that the punch from Abraham hurt him that bad that he had to drop out of the super 6. I thought that Abraham was starting to catch him and he took a dive when the opportunity came.

Adrian Broner - Great fighter. I think he's a blue chipper. But, dude!! Be yourself!! Build yourself on who you are. All that Floyd Mayweather schtick has been done already. Talk like a man in your interviews. We need more baskeball player types in boxing, just to show that you guys arent ignorant. Give great interviews and answer all questions even the ones you dont like, like a man and not some spoiled brat ass boy with a damn brush in his hand. Guys like this take us black people back a few decades. Andre Ward is a great example for this kid to look at.

Juan manuel Lopez - i think he was finally exposed for a guy with limited defense who can crack.

ANY cat from Puerto Rico fighting a Mexican. Mexicans own this rivalry. I'd love to see what the W/L is over the last 10 years...

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post Jun 4 2012, 03:45 AM
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Victor Ortiz - Furstrated intentional headbutt and still was saying he doesn't feel Floyd is THAT great. What a puppet...and a head case.

Manny Pacquiao - Catchweight. He is 5 or 6 division champ at best. Certainly not 8. Overrated though exciting.

David Haye - HW joke. Great cruiser who likes his cut body probably waaaay too much.

Robert Guerrero - All that Money May bullshit did it for me. Nutcase.

Brandon Rios - Funny ass guy with little or no boxing ability.

Lucian Bute - last saturday.

Amir Khan - Mr. Ducklip needs to start fighting like a pro and stop thinking about stars if he is yet to reach the ground.

There are more, but these are from the top of my head...

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post Jun 4 2012, 08:46 AM
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Timothy Bradley- a very mentally strong guy. very physically strong guy. Imposes his will on people to break them down and win. Skills wise and talent wise, I just don't see it though. Although I don't like him, I think he has potential to become a lot better only because he's one of the most determined fighters in the fight game. I also think Joel Diaz is a VERY underrated trainer.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.- People always talk about Canelo being overrated. I'm way more impressed with Canelo than this kid. If someone would utilize a jab to set up an uppercut, this guys chin would go through the roof of his mouth. He bends low and hunts for body shots so much.

Brandon Rios- I'm really still trying to figure out the hype behind this guy. I mean he hits hard but he has very little skill. He consistently struggles to make weight. I'm just not impressed.

Wladimir Klinch-ko- (He clinches...and KO's people lmao) This may come as a surprise but I've never been sold on him. His brilliance is fueled by his lack of competition. Unlike others, I think there is a distinct difference in skill level between him and Vitali. Also, his chin is suspect. I also don't think "domianted" Haye like a lot of analyst were saying. Both fighters looked like shit IMO. Haye just looked worse.

Devon Alexander- I was impressed by his performance against Maidana. Other than that, I never really cared for him. The constant noise he makes when he punches; unnecessary wasted energy and reeks of a B-class fighter at best.

Chris Arreola- Sure, he punches really hard. Show me something new.I can't trust a guy as a top prospect when even tomato cans can drop him. He is a fundamental nightmare. I respect him because unlike a guy like Rios, he finally decided to tackle his weight issues but c'mon. This guy is a waste of great punching power if you ask me.

Tavoris Cloud- I've NEVER been impressed with this dude. Arguably the most overrated fighter in boxing IMO. I thought Glen Johnson beat him or at least drawed with him. That last Campillo robbery...don't even get me started. I think, unless he gets lucky and lands something big, that Pascal is going to beat the breaks off of him.

Cornelius Bundrage- 1st of all, his name is Cornelius lol j/k. 2nd of all, he was getting schooled by guys on the Contender. Now I'm supposed to recognize you as a champion? Sorry...not sold.

Lamont Peterson- He gutted out a tough victory against a more talented Amir Khan. However, I think it was the home crowd that willed him to that victory. Lamont throws very nice body shots and hooks, but his jab and straight are suspect. More importantly, his footwork is absolutely atrocious. I don't even blame it entirely on him. I'm sure most of you guys know about my beef with neighborhood trainers at this point lol.

Robert Guerrero- In his mind, he's the best and most popular Mexican American since De La Hoya. In everyone else's, he's a nobody. I very rarely form personal opinions about athletes because I don't know them, but I really don't liek this guy lol Hands down, he overtook Bradley for the most annoying fighter in boxing IMO.As Sduck said, typical southpaw. Very run of the mill. As a fighter, if you know how to fight a sout paw, you know how to fight him. He's not going to present and wrinkles.

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post Jun 4 2012, 03:27 PM
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wow. u guys are a tough crowd. (IMG:style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif)
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post Jun 4 2012, 09:24 PM
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"The Meanest Nice Guy"

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QUOTE (daprofessor @ Jun 4 2012, 04:27 PM) *
wow. u guys are a tough crowd. (IMG:style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif)

Tell me about it! (IMG:style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif)

I was expecting a name or two, followed by an explanation, but these lists are funny as hell! Franchize always kills me with his lists of ANYTHING! Lol

Im still not sold on Donaire, sorry. He's athletic and all, but the only reason he's been knocking these guys silly is because they're dwarfs and he's able to get to the target quick enough to land those punches. The real reason is because these guys are smaller than him.

When he gets in there with somebody who has the balls enough to fight a disciplined technical fight, he tends to look a bit shitty. Guys hung on to that Montiel knockout (which was impressive), and I believe Nonito got spoiled after that as well.
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post Jun 4 2012, 11:55 PM
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Most of you guys have named fighters on my list but I'll name a few anyway

Chad Dawson-This guy is the biggest waste of talent in boxing to me. He has all the skills to be a P4P guy but his lack of intensity and will is really disturbing. I believe that if/when he fights Ward, he's going to get his ass handed to him. He shows up for fights not even half the time. He wins on his boxing ability most of the time. He won't have his usual advantages against Ward. And his voice is one of the worst in sports history. He's #2 in sports right now for worse voice, right next to that sack of shit Evan Turner from the 76ers lol

JCC jr-This big bum is getting by on his father's name. He balloons up over 2 weight classes past his opponents and thinks that he's supposed to be celebrated as some great champ when in fact his promoter and the WBC protect him like he's the golden child. he has gotten better each time he fights, but the problem is that his level of fighting is still nowhere near where it needs to be to beat Martinez. Hence the reason why their running from him. JCC jr will eventually have to move up and it'll be ass whoop central from there. Who he beating at 168? Dirrel? No. Froch? No. Bute? Shit, my bad lol. Ward? Hell no.

Canelo Alvarez-He finally fought a "name guy" but it's unfortunate that guy hasn't seen a sunny day in the ring in over 3yrs now. I think Canelo will eventually be something to like in the sport but right now, the way GB and HBO are promoting him as some world beater is laughable. Obviously they are trying to pair him with Mayweather some day. And when that day happens I'll bet the farm against him. I might use the my winnings to put my daughter thru college. Him and JCC jr need to fight soon, the over rated fight of the decade

Brandon Rios-This guy hasn't done shit since he won the belt. He's a brawler, fan friendly as well, and he talks cash shit, which I like. But let's be real, he is shaming his self with his lack of dedication to making weight. He should re-do 50's first album and name it "Got title, stopped tryin".

Andre Berto-Al Haymon has done a great job with him, until the Ortiz fight. He doesn't do anything exceptionally well, he's been matched too soft

Devon Alexander-Fights amateurish to me like Khan, those noises are annoying when he punches. When he fights it's the only time I want a 1st round ko lol.

Amir Khan-This dude talks so much shit but he hasn't earned the right. I read his statement saying he didn't give Ariza permission to leave. He must've forgot that Pacquiao is Durant and he's Westbrook lol. He's not the man. He doesn't fight well with pressure, he backs up and runs all the time and his punches really have no steam to them in the 2nd half of fights. He's another anoyying little shit

There's more but I'll spare those fighters. These are the ones who completely baffle me the most
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