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post Mar 4 2009, 07:38 PM
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I'm looking to get a Heavy Bag 70lb. and a Double-End Bag for home training. And would like to get some opinions from those who train at home, about the equiptment you use.

Opinions & Recommendations On - Pros & Cons:

- Bag Brand: TKO vs. Everlast vs. Century

- Material: Leather vs. Nevatear vs. Vinyl vs. Canvas

- Filling: Prefilled Material vs Water Filled Bag

- Bag gloves

Total Budget = Under $200 for everything {Heavy Bag & Double bag}

................... Thanks Guys
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post Mar 5 2009, 10:17 AM
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I went to using the lighter sand\cloth filled bags in the past because I was starting to have both wrist & elbow pain from a long workout on the heavy bags. Over this winter I've been doing alot of weight training because I just didn't have the time to travel to the gym to workout. With all the weights and strength cords traing I've added 10lbs of muscle and I'm at 207lbs. But I feel stiff as hell ..... So I decided to get a heavy bag & double\double for the home gym.

QUOTE(Lil-lightsout @ Mar 5 2009, 01:03 AM) [snapback]427104[/snapback]
I have bought all my stuff from ringside for over 15 years. There stuff has always been quickly shipped and quality. I prefer water filled bags personally, that is almost exclusively what I hit at home as far as heavybags. There is no way I could go back to hitting the other type of bags, but that is just me. I do know the water bags are probably more expensive than a cheaper regular filled economy type heavy-bag.

Make sure you buy hand wraps, and dont but those tiny cheap ass bag gloves with very little protection. Get a semi decent padded gloves. Ringside has there lower brand called contender that usually has some good deals.

Good luck with your purchase.

A friend has a heavy water bag and I'm driving over to his house later today. But he has nothing but praise for the water bags {I think he has a Combat sports international}

I agree about the cheapo bag gloves. I think alot of people complain about their hands hurting while they're using those thin gloves. I never did like them.

Ringside has some Gel Shock Super Bag gloves 12oz. for $49, that I think I'm going to try.

QUOTE(BGv2.0 @ Mar 5 2009, 03:35 AM) [snapback]427114[/snapback]
I have NEVER liked hitting a really huge heavy bag.....it's boring as fuck and it just feels like shit on your hands.

The only thing worse to me is any bag with water....that shit feels like your hitting an elephant's ball sack!

I've always liked a much lighter bag......a 25-50lb or so....then you can hit it and with your suspention cord connected you actually get a really nice movement from the bag that can really get you in a nice groove...but it's a lot heavier than a suspention bag...so you can really put a lot into it.

I eat through Leather Everlast....but they are very cheap to replace. But I was getting tired of replacing them so I tried a Canvas TKO bag, and have just ripped it here recently...but I've had it awhile. Nothing good old duct tape won't fix!

But like lightouts said....get you some good gloves and wraps....not those thin BS bag gloves. There is Nothing sweeter than Leather everlast bag gloves (the higher end pair) hitting Everlast leather bags....I love that pop.

BUT...most recently I tried a set of Neoprine gloves, that seem to be holding up pretty well...I think they were Century.

I buy all my crap at Academy, so you can find it all there.


Try that shit out in the store man....grab one of the sets of gloves....crack it open and smack their displays....that is the best way to feel it out.

I always thought you get a better workout with the lighter bags, you just have alot of spinning if they're not tied down ...... If a heavy water bag would reduce the pain and still give me the resistance of hitting a 100+ lb person then I would gladly try it out.

Like I said I'm going to try out a water bag today and if I like how it feels, its a done deal. I've been looking at the either the Century Hydrocore XL 120lbs. or the Ringside water\foam 130lb.

I wouldn't use a 130lb. sand heavy bag, but if the water responds like many claim, then I'll go for the heavier one.

Thanks Guys
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