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> Chael Sonnen interview, Best shit-talker in MMA? I think so.
post Aug 1 2010, 04:41 AM
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This shit is hilarious. Right up there with the Nick Diaz interview where he talked about fighting Joe Riggs in the hospital after the fight, etc... (IMG:style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif)

PL: You were recently in Vancouver attending UFC 115, and also spent some time here during your tenure with bodogFIGHT. What are your impressions of Vancouver?

CS: I know that it's north of Los Angeles and south of Anchorage. Seriously, Vancouver is great. Between the food and the people, I can't think of a better place to spend a weekend. By "food" I mean "crepes", and by "people" I mean "Asian women".

PL: You've been a player on the international MMA scene for some time now, but you recently jumped to the front of the middleweight pack. One reason for that is the unprecedented display of aggression you put on against Nate Marquardt at UFC 109, which was a departure from the more methodical, controlling style that you used in previous fights. Was there a reason for the increase in intensity?

CS: I haven't "jumped" to the front of the middleweights, I clawed and crawled there over the bodies of the rest of those guys who are also clawing and crawling, like a savage, wounded animal. And as for the intensity, I've held back on every opponent I've ever faced.

PL: Lately, you've been a human quote machine, trash-talking the champion in interviews that would put most pro wrestlers to shame. Was it a conscious decision to emphasize the verbal game, or have you been doing this all along and people just weren't paying attention?

CS: My interview style now is the same that it's always been, I just didn't have an outlet before. I've always been in this for myself, and I have never liked the competition. I make no apologies for either. If you stick around long enough, people pay attention to you and to what you say. Then after you say what's on your mind, they start demanding that you say MORE things to fill the spaces in their minds/pages/computers where THEY used to have to think. So they ask for more. As a journalist, do you look inside yourself, and at your subject, and do you challenge yourself to find an angle, an idea, a concept that is interesting...and then research it, refine it, edit [it]...or do you just call Chael? Hmmm...what did YOU do, you lazy bastard? But I'm always happy to do my job, which apparently means doing YOURS, too. What worries me is that when I destroy Anderson, and I have to do even MORE interviews with more journalists, I [might] become a boring, self-referential blowhard like Bono or some other smirking 'celebrity' preaching about global warming or the oppression of Tibet or save the Narwhals or whatever, y'know?

PL: Um...okay...moving on to Silva...he has been destroying some of the best fighters in the world and making it look easy. What do you feel you bring to the Octagon that he hasn't had to deal with before?

CS: He has? He beat a math teacher, a one-legged Canadian, and a few guys who weren't good enough to hold their spots in the company. Who's he beat that's still on the roster? Anderson's flaw is no secret. It's in the bible: "Pride cometh before a fall; and a haughty spirit doth come before destruction." After the fight, Anderson will thank me for doing the Lord's work by destroying that flamboyant, showboating, reactive person inside of him. Remember my previous answer? Anderson's no different than Bono. He's aware of, and a prisoner of, everybody's expectations; so he prances and dances, and does his little jigs, like he used to do his Michael Jackson moondance replete with sparkly jacket and party-favour-quality fedora. He knows who he is. So do I. I have come to beat him, but also, perhaps more importantly, to save him from the gilded cage that everyone's expectations, and his reactions to them, have put him in. The grim, stark reality of losing a bloodbath will re-baptize him, make him a better man, truer to himself and his skills than the silly, ass-shaking fool he's morphed into, because his weak personality created that ass-shaking fool to satisfy everyone but himself. Years from now, when he and I are both retired, he will thank me. In perfect English.

PL: Are you undergoing any specifically-tailored training for the Silva fight, or is it business as usual?

CS: Nothing different, same strategy. I'm like good, old, strong booze. You KNOW what's in the bottle. You KNOW what it does. Handle it if you can. Or else order a sissy drink and go watch "Sex and the City" reruns with your fruity friends in the other room.

PL: While your victory over Marquardt was clear-cut, you appeared to be exhausted by the end of the third round. This has led some to doubt your ability to last the duration in a five-round title fight. Your response?

CS: I expend my energy when and how conditions dictate.

PL: While many fighters openly admit to trash-talking even when they've got nothing against their opponent, you appear to feel legitimate acrimony toward Silva. What is it about him that rubs you the wrong way?

CS: I'm not into [fake trash talk]. That's fraud, in my opinion. It's a huge slap in the face when two boxers meet up and we all pay to see it, then after the $49.95 snoozefest we all have to hear how they didn't mean it and it was "hype". Hype is fraud. I never said anything I didn't mean or anything I would take back. Anderson is a thug. He talks about "respect". Listen, "respect" is what gang-bangers use as an excuse for terrorizing a community. That's not me, and it's not welcome in MY division.

PL: Recently, footage of Silva training with cinematic action hero Steven Seagal has surfaced on the internet. Your thoughts on that?

CS: Smart. Anderson is going to need a job after I get him fired on August 7th. He should cozy up to anyone he thinks can get him paid. He'd make a great double for track star Carl Lewis. They're both the best at what they do, and both sponsored by nobody for the same reason. Seriously, though...STEVEN SEAGAL?!!! JESUS. Well, I've got my OWN celebrity action star to work with...the great MEL GIBSON! On Mondays we deny the Holocaust. On Tuesdays we drink, then we deny the Holocaust. Wednesdays we call our respective girlfriends and bellow insane, drunken threats into the phone. Thursdays we do charity work, visit children's hospitals, etc. Fridays off (except for social drinking and Holocaust-denying cocktail chatter). Saturday it's "racy-racy" time through the Hollywood hills in our matching Bugatti Veyrons. And Sunday is church (of course). Top THAT celebrity training regimen, Anderson! I bet you and Chubby aren't getting bombed more than twice a week! But at least you get to hear him play his guitar, which he does SO well...kinda.

PL: Silva has stated that he's also training with Strikeforce light-heavyweight champion "King" Mo Lawal, who's known for being an extremely talented wrestler. With your skill set also being based in wrestling, how well do you think Mo will be able to prepare Silva for you?

CS: Mo is my friend, has been for years [and he] hasn't touched Anderson Silva. Wouldn't bother me if he did...but he hasn't. Why the scuttling around to Mo, and Seagal, and God knows who else? Why the desperate, unending search for validation from others? WHAT'S MISSING, Anderson? You're the BEST in the WORLD. Did Sinatra go and take singing lessons from Tony Bennett (King Mo) or even more ludicrously, Sonny Bono (Steven Seagal)? NO. What are you searching for? Seriously, guy...stop looking for gurus. And treat [your manager] Ed Soares with more respect. Stop being a misbehaving, recalcitrant child, looking for every and any new toy. Be a...MAN. That's what you need, is people to make you a MAN. And apparently your friends, managers and training partners can not or will not do it. But I will.

PL: Silva has been quoted as saying that when the fight is over, he wants a kiss from you. Your response?

CS: He said that? Wow...I guess he'd make a better double for Carl Lewis than I thought.

PL: Final question, obviously you expect to become the new UFC middleweight champion on August 7th, but in a best-case scenario, how does this fight play out?

CS: Best case? Anderson accepts my offer and withdraws. If he leaves the UFC, issues the fans an apology, and erects a statue in my likeness that he worships daily, then I'll forget the whole thing. Otherwise...we are going to have a fight.

PL: Thanks for your time, Chael, and good luck on August 7th.

CS: Whatever.
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post Aug 7 2010, 06:32 PM
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Hmmmm.....I think I might be more excited about MMA than Boxing tonight...lol

and yeah, Warlord...this is a pretty much a gut call for me too...along the lines of why I picked Bowles over Torres...

that Silva is due for a loss, and Sonnen is a good enough fighter to get the job done if the champ is off...

I also have a feeling Nelson's gonna beat Dos Santos...
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