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> Danny Green vs Antonio Tarver
post Apr 6 2011, 03:40 AM
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So i see this fight is on. Very interesting. Whilst Tarver is passed his best, Green is no spring chicken and returning from surgery that could have ended his career.

Say what you will about the hand wraps, green would have knocked roy out regardless. He has always been a very heavy handed fighter.

Who wins?

Tarvers punch output has never been that good. but he is a good counter puncher, which may cause problems for Greens aggressive style.

I say Tarver by KO
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post Apr 8 2011, 11:18 AM
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QUOTE (The Ollie Reed Fan Club @ Apr 7 2011, 10:24 AM) *
If Mundine had ever pulled a stunt like fighting Paul Briggs he would've been crucified and rightly so. If I had to pick a point where I started disliking Green a little it was this fight. It really was a black mark for he sport of boxing.

That and the fact that all of his opponents lately are fighting for his supposed CW crown yet they all come in at 'Dannyweight.' What's that all about?

Stevenski did a very good job of replying to this. Mundine has done much worse and got away with it way longer than he should have. Not until he continued fighting bum after bum after bum for years, while running his mouth while never making the effort to fight the best of leave Australia did the people start catching on.

As for the catchweights they are nothing I really support at all, but Briggs didn't even bother training properly to make them anyways.

QUOTE (AussieLad @ Apr 7 2011, 11:02 AM) *
Siaca was a cynical attempt at beating Mundines conqueror. He had fought 4 times in 4 years prior, and was coming off a year long lay off. That is a least resistance fight based purely on sticking it to mundine

The Briggs fight was a disgrace. A 3 year lay off only to come back and fight for a title? Some dodgy strings were pulled in making that match

When i said he started down mundines yellow brick road of shit fights... you bet he did. Did he meet mundines mates the cowardly lion and the tin man, no, but he sure as hell shook hands with the scare crow. All I said was he dropped a few notches in my book. If he didnt drop a few notches in your own after those matches then there is something wrong with you

Is he anywhere near as bad as Mundine? No, not even close to the shit choc was pulling, but still... he tainted his fan base with some recent shitty fights.

Yes, in retrospect Jones was a carcass, but at the time he was supposed to beat Green. Granted. But realistically, Jones only looked good against Lacy because Lacy was a shell. Lacy gave people a false sense of security that Roy was back on track. He wasnt even close to the old roy, as demonstrated in the green fight and subsequent performances. If i am guilty of anything it is in overestimating Jones prior to the fight. But in the cold light of day, regardless of the prefight hype, Green fought a shot Jones. The prefight hype for Jones argument only carries you so far. It does not improve the actual quality of the win. That can only be determined by the quality of the opponent that steps into the ring on the night

Nothing wrong with me here!

I think Danny Green has been heavily criticized as I think people were/are expecting too much from him. It's not like he is considered the best nor claiming to be (like Mundine), not to mention, people forget to mention he was coming out of retirement and is now coming off a serious injury. Has Green fought the best at Cruiserweights? No, but when your the 'best' of any division it's hard for everyone to get a shot. I just don't think it's fair to compare Green's competition to something Mundine has mastered and is now become known for. Danny Green has many things Anthony Mundine lacks.

For the Paul Briggs fight, as it was out of left field & agree that the fight was shit, but I can see why it was made as it was a massive fight in Australia. The only thing that was more wrong about the fight being made was the disgusting effort Paul Briggs displayed which unjustifiably reflected on Green. The only dodgy strings pulled was by Briggs and the people around him and the commissions ended up ruling it that way. I can never forgive him for taking such a weak embarrassing dive which seemed to have hurt Danny Green's reputation just as much as himself, but on top of that many played Paul Briggs out to be some victim. Fuck that! I don't think Danny Green had anything to do with that dive and because of his disgust and embarrassment he showed inside the ring after the fight, Green ended up magnified the situation even more which didn't help the already fucked display that took place. All of his words were at the heat of the moment which came through the guys passion which he had every right feeling the way he did, but unfortunately may have not helped him. His UD victory over Flores in his nesxt fight was a good start.

As for Jones-Lacy, Jones was a shell of himself too, that was no secret to the boxing world! Some saw he wasn't at his best, based on how he looked after coming down from Heavyweight, but I think majority knew he was a shell of his former self back since he was KO'd good by Glen Johnson! As for the Lacy fight, they were two fighters past their best and labeled 'shot' but I don't think many were expecting Jones to look as impressive as he did leading into the fight, which was a credit to Jones.

As for Danny Green-Roy Jones Jr. fight, I really don't think anyone was thinking Jones wasn't shot and I also don't think anyone (including Hopkins) thought Green was going to win, despite how shot Roy was anyways. I think it was more a case of people underestimating what Danny Green was capable of. People like to discredit Green for losing to Mundine, truth is as bad a wrap Mundine rightfully gets, at one stage the guy really was a decent fighter (like against Green) who is one of the biggest waste of talents I have ever seen and since that fight, Danny Green has improved alot, while Mundine has declined and the paths both their careers have taken shows since. Just take a look at what divisions they're fighting in now & both their next opponents for proof.

Does Green victory over Jones mean anything to boxing? Not at all, because everyone knew Jones was well past his best days, had lost and been KO'd many times prior to that. But it's still impressive he could stop Roy Jones Jr quicker than anyone ever has. Danny Green was not and is still not meant to be some world beater, so for a limited fighter of his caliber to KO Roy Jones Jr in a 121 seconds despite how shot Roy was, is a pretty decent accomplishment, that shouldn't take away the quality of performance.

Bernard Hopkins who is considered one of the most talented fighters in the last 25 years who was top 3 P4P fighter in the world still justified fighting a 'carcass' of Jones who manage to look horrible for 12 rounds, spending most the time complaining, rolling around on the floor and still never manage to never have Jones hurt or in trouble. Despite how old and shot Roy was, Danny Green deserves respect for getting Jones out of there the way he did, because despite everyone knowing how shot he is, no one would have expected Jones to put up a better fight against Bernard Hopkins at that age than Danny Green.

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