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> Tim Bradley's Status?, Fighting style, opponents, etc. Have at it...
post Sep 21 2011, 08:28 PM
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Im still not completely sold on Bradley, but Im sure that a couple of convincing wins against decent opposition upon his return, may sway my view of him as a fighter. His name has been coming up lately in threads, so I decided to open a quick thread. It's been rumors that he will return before the end of the year (possibly on the Pacquiao/Marquez undercard), and he's recently called out Morales.

I was curious to know everybody else's opinion on where he stands in the 140 lb division and his possible move up to Welterweight. In my opinion, a fight against Maidana or Matthysse would be a good comeback fight, as well as a big statement in the meantime. What are yall's thoughts on him in the WW division?

I have my doubts about him, but like I said in a thread earlier, I was NEVER a big Khan fan (and he still bothers me from time to time), but he is now starting to grow on me, so ANYTHING'S possible in regards to Bradley growing on me. Have at it...
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post Sep 23 2011, 07:35 PM
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QUOTE (cshel86 @ Sep 22 2011, 11:30 AM) *
Thanks to you Lightsout, Im actually waiting for this guy to fight again, lol. I can see him giving El Terrible a hard time at this stage of his career, and I see him getting past Matthysse, hands down. Matthysse doesn't put in enough work at the start of the bell, then finally decides to dial in during the middle rounds, so yeah, Bradley gives it 'em. I still have my doubts about him passing The Test (Maidana) and also beating Khan, those are just my thoughts. Maidana, I feel, will overwhelm Tim because I dont see his punches making a big difference. As far as Khan goes; height, handspeed, movement, may frustrate Bradley down the stretch.

As far as the Welterweights go, I just dont see it happening...maybe because I haven't seen him in the harder bouts at 140. In my opinion, if he slugs it out and defeats Maidana and goes a full 12 with Khan, then I will definitely give him a chance at WW. Though I really didn't like him early this year, I would've gave him his just due, had he beat Alexander convincingly (maybe because nothing much happened during the fight and it also ended badly).

Like I said earlier, if Amir Khan can grow on me, then almost anybody can grow on me, including Bradley, excluding Malignaggi (hate that guy). You are the only hardcore Bradley fan I know (and you actually know the sport well), so I will watch his fights again, and shoot for a better analysis (I guess).

Yeah I am one of the few Bradley fans. To me he keeps improving in his fights and I get sick of people acting as if all he does is head butt and mauls people. He is very skilled and shows good defense and great boxing skills. People love going off fighters last fight, while forgetting others. Sure Bradley looked so so against Devon. But look at how Alexander ran and did not come to fight. Regardless we will just have to wait and see how good Bradley is or is not? Keep up the good work man, you are are good poster.

QUOTE (EAlbian @ Sep 22 2011, 12:46 PM) *
Lights I normally agree with you but today is not the day haha. Bradley beat up on an aging class that wasn't all that deep at the time. Witter was a legit guy but was a B fighter in his best days(It was a very close fight too, basically won on the KD). Edner Cherry is an ESPN-levelŠ fighter at best. Holt has Power and was able to get to Bradley, I've never been big on the guy(his fights with Torres were good tho) but he's a B- fighter in my book. The Nate Campbell fight I gave him credit for but Nate looked so bad after that(went 0-3) leads me to believe he was shot. Lamont Peterson he deserves credit for and I can't knock him for that fight. He didn't impress me with the Abregu fight, couldn't finish a guy who was walking in with no defense, and all of his punches were way too wide. The Alexander fight is nothing to brag about, both guys looked like shit. Alexander did not look comfortable or ready for this fight, he was/maybe still isn't managed the right way(he still needs growth fights, he's only 24). Bradley did win but didn't prove to me with this sloppy-ass fight that he's elite.

Morales- Timmy has way too much at this point, Bradley UD

Maidana- I think he gives Timmy all he can handle, he's much better version than Abregu who Bradley couldn't get rid of. This is a rough and tough fight that I can't really pick a winner in. I can see it both ways and this fight should happen.

Matthysse- Another tough fight but Bradley has enough to beat him

Khan- I think Bradley knew going into the fight he'd lose and because of that decided to hedge his bet and pass over a good payday(way more than he's worth imo for the stinkers he's laid) for the possibility to cash in on a fight that he could retire off of and maybe gain him some exposure. I can't say what he did was wrong because it would seem to make $en$e. he's wasting his prime on the shelf tho. I think Khan's height and length is too much for Bradley who isn't fast enough or powerful enough to warrant Khans respect. Khan throws fast combos with a measured jab and unless you can eat on the way in and deliver when you get there(Maidana), it's going to be hard to beat him.

Ortiz- I think Ortiz has underrated boxing ability and is a big dude(164 fight night) with some power and a lil speed. I don't think Timmy threatens him in any way besides using his head which could cause Ortiz to have a mental lapse and do something dumb or quit. I see Ortiz being able to Handle what Timmy dishes out, Ortiz by stoppage against the ropes.

Berto- This is a very good fight, they both can offset the others game. Berto wants to rest, Bradley has a great motor. I think the speed of Berto coupled with the power and wide shots of Bradley could spell TROUBLE. I think Timmy is a little too small for Berto and we see a Berto win but Bradley out-motoring Berto is not out of the question. Berto KO or Bradley UD

Floyd- Not worth my time haha

Pac- Walks thru him in a Hatton like KO, Bradley's punches are so wide

It's all good. We all see things differently. Time will tell, and you can apologize later. Haha. Another win for PA wrestling. (IMG:style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif)

QUOTE (Fitz @ Sep 22 2011, 07:31 PM) *
I don't like Tim Bradley, though I respect him as a fighter and looks like he has a strong work ethic in the ring, decent fighter. His problem is that he has over valued himself, he thinks he is worth more than he is, and that's wrong considering that he is as interesting as cardboard. He has no appeal, no charisma, doesn't really have an interesting personality and least of all, he isn't a very exciting fighter. He just seems bland.

I also still maintain that if roles were reversed and it was Khan that turned down Bradley to sit on the sidelines and wait for a mega pay day, he would be crucified twice as hard as Bradley. Bradley doesn't do much for me, and to be honest, he seems like a bit of a whiny bitch.

(IMG:style_emoticons/default/fuck.gif) That is all.

QUOTE (gravytrain @ Sep 22 2011, 08:47 PM) *
Khan only started running his mouth about Bradley after Bradley was trying to switch to a different promoter. that ass still belongs to Bradley.

Now some common sense finds this thread! I can always count on Gravy. (IMG:style_emoticons/default/thumbsup_anim.gif)
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