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> Real boxing fans vs Pactards and Flomos
post Sep 23 2011, 12:49 PM
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QUOTE (CrazyBuffalO @ Sep 23 2011, 12:37 PM) *
As I pointed out before in another thread, there shouldn’t be prejudice like “Oh you are less of a boxing fan than I am because you follow only one fighter, while I follow the ENTIRE boxing universe” or stuffs like that.

Once you start getting into stuffs like “Oh I’m more of this than you” and “Oh you are less of this than me” then you know it’s unhealthy. You are setting barriers. You are setting standards of your own.

It’s like the same thing with racial discrimination where racist would go “Oh you are less of a human being than I am because you’re this and that.” And “I am more of a human being than you are coz of this and that”. Which is why racial discrimination is becoming more and more unpopular in today’s society. I’m not saying that it used to be popular, but it used to be much more tolerated in society. But nowadays people don’t want it anymore (especially people today are becoming more and more educated).

You have to understand that some things in this world are “engineered” while others are “reverse-engineered.” There are always two sides to a coin. There are boxing fans that got to know Floyd and Manny through following boxing first, while there are those that started following Floyd or Manny first which later led to them watching boxing.
I’ll give you an example of the latter. Here in the Philippines, before there were big names like Pacquiao, Villoria, or Donaire people didn’t really care much about boxing. But when Pacquiao and the likes became famous, people here were like “Oh there’s this Filipino boxing star lets go watch him fight!” so everyone got interested. And this led to them watching boxing very often. And some became so enthusiastic that they even started going to the boxing gyms to train in hope of becoming like their Filipino idols. So you know there are cases like these. And in a way it’s good because it got more people aware of boxing. Those that don’t used to follow the sport are now following it all because of their love for their favorite fighter/s.

As I’ve said, some are engineered, others reverse-engineered. But whether you’re engineered or reverse-engineered, you always end up talking about the same thing -- which is either about boxing or your favorite boxing star.
And everyone is a boxing fan in his own right. So stop all the “Oh I’m MORE of a boxing fan than you and you are LESS of a boxing fan than I am because of this that whatever… blah blah blah”. That type of mentality isn’t open, healthy. I therefore stand forth and raise the question: under who’s authority is the claim that someone is less of a boxing fan simply because he’s just a Floyd or Manny fan??

I see that you haven't missed a beat when it comes to being an ill-informed douchebag, to say the least. Like I said in the few threads that you failed to effectively contribute to, ANYTIME there's a thread regarding Pacquiao or Mayweather (Mayweather most of all), you are there in full effect with your wave of "douchebagness", but I have yet to see you contribute to any other threads about another fighter. Judging by your post history that completely lacks contributions about other fighters, you are none other than a Floyd fan (or a Flomo), and you've made it extremely obvious at this point. So no, you're not a boxing fan, you're just what everybody can't stomach, either a Flomo or Pactard.

Im wondering why you are always so delighted in walking into the lion's den with meat-pants on, as you have done in this thread. The day that I see you contribute useful information about other fighters, then I will painfully muster up some kind of way to tell you that your posts are useful. And PLEASE, and I beg you, PLEASE, stop using those stupid analogies about wars, drug cartels, animals, or whatever your blindly choose to exhibit as meaningful; to compare to boxing. My goodness, it's obvious that you have internet access...please watch some fights and come back with some substantial material. Some days I feel that users treat you unfairly, but then I look at your posts and immediately change my mind. Are you this stupid everyday?
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