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> What's with Bradley, Pacquiao & Freddie Roach?, Logic? Confusion? Promotion?
post Feb 21 2012, 09:23 PM
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IN MY OWN OPINION, what turns me off about this fight while watching the L.A. Press Conference or even behind the scenes of there commercial is how SOFT with words and all around behavior these to show with each other. It almost made me forget that these 2 were actually going to fight each other the way they joke, Smile & laugh at ech other. I mean come on give me a break, i can't be the only one shaking my head at this. I mean somebody tell me, WHAT'S THE POINT OF FIGHTERS FIGHTING IF THEY LIKE EACH OTHER THIS MUCH. SAVE ALL THE RESPECT AFTER FIGHT, AFTER YOU SEE WHAT THE FIGHTER CAN DO. How does a guy like Bradley who's been known to be confident & to get under the skin of his opponents, all of a sudden be so warm hearted. It's like Joshua Clottey (remember him) all over again. These 2 can not even do a Stare Down without cracking a smile and laughing and thats pathetic. Now anything bad at this point to be said by either fighter is a contradiction because these two made it very well known that they "LIKE" each other... jeez, where Chisora - haye, Tyson, Lennox Lewis, Mayweather and plenty other mean fighters when you need em.

Speaking of Contradictions whats with the "Peoples Champion" Manny Pacquiao "The Man Who fights for the People before Money" all of a sudden be "the man that fights for Money before People". This guy headlines Yahoo news stating the reason the negotiations between him and Floyd fell apart was because Floyd gaurenteed him more money than he's ever made and ever will make in boxing and (alledgedly) not a penny more. Yet months prior went on record to say he'd fight him for a lesser share. He was even as bold to state that he would fight him for free.

Last but not least we have Freddie Roach being a week removed from basically calling this fight unworthy to now believing it's a "very good fight". I like Freddie & respect him as a trainer but never let money take your WORD away man. You Can still speak your mind about how you really feel and still sell the PPV just as well as you can by not.

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post Feb 27 2012, 12:32 PM
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Okay guys, as much trash as I talk about this fight, curiosity will take it's toll on June 9th, and I'll more than likely order it. With that said, I've been led to ask the initial question of this topic..."What's with Bradley, Pacquiao, and Roach?"

Im reading in other places, that Pacquiao thinks Mayweather will have trouble with Cotto. He also said (paraphrasing), that when he fought Cotto, he (Cotto) was ahead on points after the 5th round. Really Manny?

As it's been said, and any idiot could've witnessed Cotto get knocked down in the 3rd and get knocked dizzy in the 4th. Manny may have also won the 2nd round, but even if he didn't how in the HELL was Cotto leading on points going into/after the 5th?

Since this fight has been signed, EVERYBODY involved seems to be talking out of their asses for some odd reasons. It's building up this look of suspense and concern, which may ultimately lead to that curiosity that will make viewers order it.

Im not even gonna get started on the horseshit Bradley has been projecting, as he deems promotional. Im proud that he was able to land the fight, though I dont feel that he truly deserved it this sson. No time like the present though, right? The funniest part is, he's waaaay more excited about it, than the average fan. It still has the potential to sell, because Pacquiao is fighting, plain and simple.

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