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> umm..., wtf!?
post Sep 11 2012, 07:13 PM
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why wasn't i aware of this forum!? i had no idea it existed. on that note....i got some shit to get off my chest. (IMG:style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif)
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post Jan 4 2013, 01:52 PM
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Had to bump this, since threads seem to go to No Man's Land if they aren't being posted in. I'll have to check that out. This is a bit lengthy, but bare with me guys...

Anyhow, I had Doc's appt this morning for my blood pressure (follow-up), since my anxiety attack/blood pressure early last month. Mind you, this is the first time ever in life, that I've had blood pressure issues. Most of it stemmed from weight gain and a lot of sodium in my diet (which I was highly unaware of, after spending more time reading more than prices in the grocery store).

Back in 2010, I was in the 170's (weight), but then I moved into a new house that summer, and stopped working out. Needless to say, my hog mentality and alcohol consumption skyrocketed. I got on a scale around August of that year, and to my surprise, I was 183.3. lbs...needless to say, I wasn't happy about it, because I didn't earn those lbs the right way.

By January 2011, I was going through a bad break-up, coupled by the numerous house-warming/fight parties (translation: pot luck and booze binges), I was now weighing about 196 lbs....bad look. Did I mention that I wasn't exercising regularly? Oh yeah, how could I forget? Lol. I didn't have much workout equipment at this time, and I wasn't even motivated to do shit anyway. By the time that summer came around, I had slapped the mighty 200 lb mark in the face, but it welcomed with open arms. (IMG:style_emoticons/default/no2.gif)

This weight issue got so bad, to the point that I weighed 210 just this past August...something had to be done. So from August 1st to September 13th (right before I headed to Vegas for the Chavez/Martinez fight) I had lost a total of 17 lbs, by adjusting my diet/drinking and working out to no ends. All the while, I was dealing with acid reflux and gastrointestinal distress (when working out heavily). I woke up on the morning of my Vegas trip weighing 193 lbs (which I did in a matter of about 38 days).

Anyhow, the binging started again this past November, which included several nights of getting shitfaced and eating like a caveman with my brother. I had my healthy eating days, but boy, did those "who gives a shit" days outweigh them. Not only that, but the mighty Thanksgiving binge was included as well...so I got right back to 199 lbs (waking up at around 195 lbs).

An early December afternoon at work, sealed the deal for me. I just felt my freakin' throat getting tighter and tighter throughout the day, so I just chalked it up as allergies (which I rarely have), and moved on. I then began to feel my head getting light and tightening up at the same time. I did have a bit to drink the night before, so I thought it was a semi-hangover.

I heated up my lunch (smoked brisket, blue cheese potatoes, and green beans), and just as I picked up my fork to eat...I just felt my forearms tighten up, and I felt dizzy as shit. Still, I didn't panic, but instead, chose to walk to CVS pharmacy and get my pressure checked. Mind you, I've NEVER had problems with my pressure, but for some reason, I decided to get it checked when these symptoms kicked in.

Needless to say, there was NO blood pressure machine at CVS, so I asked the nurse where I could get it checked (while I was describing my symptoms). She told me to go to the fire department down the street. As I walked out of the store, I heard a blaring voice over the intercom and the front desk cashier yelled, "sir, the nurse needs you right now!". At this point, I forgot to mention that my vision began to get blurry, and I was scared shitless of the loud intercom. The nurse ran up to me and told to me get help immediately (scary shit).

She asked if I needed her to call the paramedics...hmm. In good ol' Cshel's mind, I knew better than to do that, and have to await the ultimate medical bill that would likely horsefuck me for at least the first 6-8 months of the new year. I gladly declined and walked back to work, which was about 3 buildings down. As I walked, the trip seemed longer and longer, as evidenced by my blurry vision, light head, and my now, shakey legs.

I picked up the phone and called my brother...no answer. My dad. No answer. I was thinking, "Fuck, if I have to call this woman (my mom), it's gonna be some serious shit". Needless to say, that was the only person that answered. At this point, I was talking like the black kid in the wheelchair on Malcolm in the Middle (breathing heavy between 2-3 words). Surprisingly, my mom didn't panic, she just told me to calm down, and mentioned that it could be my blood pressure or anxiety.

I drank some water, popped a couple of Aleve, took some deep breaths, made an appt, and left when I felt better. Mind you, this happened on Dec. 5th, and I had JUST applied for medical insurance two days prior to the incident, and my coverage wasn't good until the 15th of the month. With that in mind, I had to pay $130 for a copay at the clinic the next day, and $40 for EKG. The EKG results were good, no heart trouble. Sadly though, my blood pressure 157/103...high a fuck! (mostly due to being anxious and not knowing what to expect). When I heard those numbers, I swore I had just called in to check the price of a speeding ticket....it was THAT to me.

My doctor was an Asian lady (hot as fuck, by the way), and she explained that I needed to change my diet and so on. I didn't let her run any blood tests, because that shit would've just killed my pockets that day. I just told her to give me 2 weeks to adjust my diet and exercise, and she agreed. My pressure was about 147/94 when I left the office.

On Christmas Eve, my pressure was high on the way home from work (I felt it in my head and neck), so I took a apple cider vinegar tablet (which works for HBP), but it was too late. The problem is, my anxiety was making shit worse...I couldn't stop thinking about it. I then vomited...but it was clear. What?! Clear?! I made myself vomit again, and it was STILL clear. After that, I felt revived...weird, right? On the 27th, I was heading back to work, and felt my pressure go up while I was 5 mins out from the job, and I vomited in a bag in my car...guess what color it was? The craziest part is, I was about to vomit when I was scheduling my doc's appt. Weird.

Again, after I vomited, I felt revived. At that point, I knew it had more to do with my anxiety levels, and less with my pressure...but they were both factors. Anyhow, that's how I ended up at the doc's office this morning, since making that appt. I've been doing good since then, but I still needed to go to the doctor just for the sake of knowing my status.

The doc's assistant was nice, though I felt she was being mean because she didn't let me take my shoes off before she weighed me. Lol. She seemed understanding of the whole situation, and confirmed that is was indeed anxiety, that made me vomit when my pressure was high. When she checked my pressure, it was 138/98...a bit high, but again, I was a bit anxious before they called me in.

Then comes this jackass fucktard of a doctor, walking into the room to follow-up. He asked me some of the same questions that she did, but his responses were bland as hell. I told him that had a long night of drinking before the HBP incident on Christmas Eve, and he replied, "Why would you even do that?" Why in the fuck not, doc? You act like I'm underage or somethin. Dude was a nonchalant cunt.

Anyhow, gladly, he decided not to diagnose me with hypertension (big sigh of relief), and his ongoing automated answers for the 12 minute session was, "Oh don't worry, you're young, just eat right and exercise". What?! That's it?! No stories from your younger years? No real life examples?! Huh?! Then I went on to ask about what herbal supplements did he recommend, and again, he gave me the same horseshit about, "Oh don't worry, you're young, just eat right and exercise".

Dude really, I still have a legit concern about my health. Mind you, he was doing blowing me off with the classic "Get outta here" hand signal as he recited his half-assed rhetoric. Dude seriously, I could've told myself to eat right and work out more...that was the chief reason for my condition....why isn't good ol' Cshel a doctor? He gave me some menu of shit that I can eat, and the stuff that I should eat in moderation.

To top it all off, he grabbed my left arm and seemed to have put me in this wild ass WWF-type armbar and proceeded to check my pressure. I was 126/84, but hell, and 25 mins before he graced me with his mediocre presence, my pressure was 138/98. I asked what made it go down so low, and he simply replied (while waving me off), "Because you relaxed". He encouraged me to take some yoga classes and informed that there are a lot of attractive women that take the class (if I needed any more motivation). Again, why am I not a doctor? I could've told a patient the same thing.

He just told me learn how to calm down and not get overzealous about shit...coupled with my diet. I spend more time in the grocery store nowadays, and I love it (excuse me for sounding homo). I have a bunch of workout equipment at home, but I'm seriously about to check out some groupons for yoga classes...I must engage in this new consideration. Maybe I can get laid off the strength of my sob stories...who knows. (IMG:style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif)

I've been drinking in moderation and following a low-sodium diet...and what can I say, I feel like the old champ again. I'm currently 186 lbs, which is 24 lbs lighter than I was 5 months ago. To be honest, cooking with no salt is great! Using herbs makes the shit taste a lot better, and besides, I dont go out to eat often, so I can definitely do that in moderation.

I wont lie, I thought I'd never experience health issues like, but that shit brought down a few pegs and raised my awareness about shit that didn't apply to me at one point.
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