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> Would You Support A Gay Boxer Who Can Fight?
Would You Support A Gay Boxer Who Could Fight.
Be Honest, Not A Politician
Yes [ 14 ] ** [87.50%]
No [ 2 ] ** [12.50%]
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post Oct 6 2012, 09:32 PM
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Orlando Cruz announces that he's gay??? Wow! I mean I can't really be surprised in this era we live in today, but can you imagine if this guy gets to an elite level and starts beating top notch opposition? He'll have more problems than President Obama in this per-dominantly heterosexual sport. I mean seeing Cotto on 24/7 share a bed with dude and play with each others "dooky shoot" (as Mayweather put it) is one thing, but having an openly gay fighter on 24/7???

Anyways I'd watch the fight but you wouldn't catch me rooting for a gay fighter to win it lol, nope.
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post Oct 7 2012, 02:16 PM
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"The Meanest Nice Guy"

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One thing's for sure, if a fighter is gay, his fan base will automatically increase...it's inevitable. One thing I cant stand about that particular community, is the fact that they wait to hear "gay" or some homo jokes, just so that they can make a big deal out if it.

I mean shit, you chose that life for whatever reason, get over it. I hear people trying to compare race to sexual orientation, very few things to argue about in that area, so why bring it up? All I can say is, as a black man, if I feel discriminated against, I just suck it up and keep it moving.

On the other hand, if you're gay, which is YOUR CHOICE, then don't get all defensive when somebody says something about it. I just dont get it. I've heard people say shit about black people in my presence, I just explain it or intelligently tell them how ignorant they are, and keep it moving. No need to call the law/HR and file charges and shit.

Anyhow, I've been a firm believer that people are the way they are, because of their environment (past/current). Never been a firm believer in the whole "I was born that way" or "I was supposed to be woman, but I was born a man" nonsense.

Those same gay people that say that, run off and start talking about how good God is (or whoever they choose to serve), but how in the hell is He so good and perfect, when you're basically saying that He made a mistake in your making? Weird aint it?

I have much respect for those that come out, because the ridicule that comes with it is endless. Just dont be over the top in trying to punish someone for their beliefs of NOT believing in the way you live. Like when Manny made that comment about the gay community, they tried to fuckin' hang the dude. He already apologized, but it wasn't enough, they just HAD to take it further.

There are things that I dont like about some of these "new age" gay people, not the ones who've been through hell and high water, and made their choice...I respect those. I hate when women call themselves being gay, just because they dont want to be alone. Cut that shit out man, for real. I see it waaay too much nowadays, and I know a chick who is trying to convince me that it's a "toss up" subject because she's having a shitty time with men, trust me, I'll give you guys an update when she decides to bat for the other team...I feel it coming.

We've all been to that point in life, when we feel like we dont have much luck with "locking in" a significant other, rather than doing the casual stuff. Cool, no problem. These chicks dont give themselves enough time to heal between relationships, they just find a rebound dude, and leave the other guy. Can you say, detrimental cycle? Before they know it, after all of that shit goes sour, they've bottled all of that emotion up.

When they find out just how emotionally damaged they are, instead of sitting down somewhere and healing/finding out who they are, they go out and try to find an honest guy. Bad move. During that time, they become victims of pretentious dudes who are trying to just get some. With that in mind, they get tired, and run to someone who will give them the attention they need....some bull dagger.

Lil Duval (google him) said it best, "Shoutouts to all of the bull daggers who came on their period today. You're still a woman bitch". (IMG:style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif) Funniest stuff ever. I just dont see it. No matter how many failed relationships I go through in life, NOTHING, and mean NOTHING will make me go and suck some d*ck, just because Im lonely, and I cant find a woman that Im happy with...(women's translation): find somebody that I can change JUST enough, so I can feel comfortable with them, because Im not comfortable in my own skin.

What a sad and strange world we live in. Nobody's comfortable with who they really are, and nobody wants to be judged. Everybody's afraid of getting their feelings hurt, so they hold back on giving that affection to the right person...JUST to give it to some loser fucktard. When it goes sour, you have to hear how unfair life is, and men/women "aint shit". Boo hoo, sad story.
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