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> Ok sooo...Danny Garcia
post Oct 21 2012, 10:28 AM
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It's been a long time since some young fighter amazed me, but hell....Danny Garcia did it.

Although Morales is on a clear decline and should retire before they fine and ban his ass from boxing. (No disrespect intended, hes still ERIK MORALES), I liked Garcia in that fight. Especially that thunderous LEFT.
Khan has some holes in his arsenal...and I think these won't be filled any time soon even with the guidance of Hunter, but he is a game and technically sound fighter with potential (damn, saying that hurts), Garcia still taxed his ass, clocked him with another left, kept calm while Khan was break dancin' all over the freaking squared circle and still managed to put up a meassured and humble interview afterwards.

What I am trying to say is, I really like the kid. He is not over the top cocky, got some skills (needs to improve some things of course), has nice amateur resume, PHILLY represent, he can fight, he can talk...I hope he stays on top of the world for a loooong time. Not a P4P material, but makes a good champ in my eyes.

Thoughts ?
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post Oct 21 2012, 06:01 PM
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Great thread Mit!

One thing that turns my stomach, is reading Broner and GR Jr.'s name in this thread. C'mon guys, let's be REAL hardcore fans about the situation. Let's look just a bit harder in the divisions, and look for other names that these guys can fight.

They can't fight top name after top name, they would peak out waaaay too quick. Me reading all of these "names" being mentioned as potential fights (aka fantasy fights), makes me wonder who's really a hardcore fan. I mean seriously, who else are these guys supposed to fight after they take on all of these names?

Last time I checked, guys who took on top name after top name, they were actually being sacrificed, not built up as the next big thing. Most of these guys are still growing with each other, guys like; Garcia, Peterson, Matthysse, Khan, Alexander, Broner, Russell Jr., just to name a few, these fantasy fights (aka crossroads fights) will happen one day, but some of these wished-upon fights, will not happen this soon.

I'm with Professor on this one, let Garcia unify the division. Please. Again, you have to question whose truly a hardcore fan, by all of these "make it happen" requests. Please! Some of these fight fans call themselves fans of the top fighters (Floyd and Manny), but fail to compute the fact that these guys were running through divisions and eaking it out with some of the best out there.

Floyd ran through the 130 lb division, and was king of the lightweight division. Did he have to fight casamayor, tyszu (sp), and some of those other guys? People may have wanted to see it, but here's the question...where are those guys now? The guys that they were "supposed" to fight? Most of those fights fell apart because of money. Pacquiao had a trilogy with Morales, two fight with JMM, and 2 Barrera fights, before he broke into stardom. He also fought some not-as-tough guys during that time as well.

Point is, let these fighters build themselves up and clean out these divisions.

Broner: Jesus Christ, some guys already have Broner at fuckin' welterweight beating guys, and he hasn't even proved anything in his debut division (130), and hasn't even walked to the ring for his lightweight debut. We cant be THAT silly, can we?

GRJr: GR Jr. hasn't done shit, so I don't even know why his name is being brought up. Sadly for him, he's in a Donaire-type situation where there isn't many big fights in his division. This dude needs to be built up from FNF and ShoBox only, leave HBO and big time Showtime cards alone. Haymon is doing a shitty job with him, and we hardly even get to see him fight.

Gamboa: Dude hasn't done anything either, and his clock is ticking.

Matthysse: He's a solid fighter, but dude has JUST started getting an ounce of the attention that he deserves. He headlined a card (Alexander/Bailey) by default, so I wouldn't give him this much credit or go off saying that he "deserves this and deserves that". He's a good fighter, in a bad position.

Honestly, how would it look if Matthysse beats Garcia, and is the unified champ? What would they do with his image? How would that look? They're having a hard enough time with Danny's image as it is. Matthysse will be one of those guys who fights hard, and rarely gets the recognition/opportunity that he seeks. We've seen it before fight fans.

Judah: Hell no. He has a puncher's chance at beating Danny, and no way in fuck I ever want to see this dude as champ again. Imagine him beating Garcia, being the unified champ, JUST to lose that shit in his next fight. I can see some fuckery now, Judah wins the titles, and they weasel Khan back in the picture to beat him again. Khan wins the titles, vacates, and chases Floyd again. Judah...hell no.

Peterson: Yes. We get to see how Danny does against a good boxer, and his lack of power wont be much of a threat to Danny. I see this one being a show for the people. Now THIS fight can be made at the Barclay's Center, and have fans from Philly, NY, and D.C. can you say, ticket seller?

Khan: I'm not concerned with him, really I'm not. I still like him, but no. He's had the big stage more than a few times, and we see what he's made of. He can still go back to his country and make the same (if not more) money there.

He's been outgunned, and all he can so come up with is excuses. One thing I did appreciate about him, was the fact that it appeared as if he was going to clean out the division, til he started sucking Mayweather's dick and riding his tail. We've seen the best fall because of this. Real champs take responsibility for their shortcomings, Khan doesn't, which proves that he'll always come up short.

I like Garcia, and no he doesn't have to be flashy. Some of you guys miss out on quality boxing because the matchup or the fighter, isn't or doesn't appear to be flashy. That's that Floyd and Manny syndrome, some of yall gotta get that out of your systems. Lol

Some of the best fighters over the years, haven't been all that flashy, but as Danny Garcia does, he knows how to win. I mean seriously, doesn't he look good with all of those belts? C'mon man! How many guys have we seen unify a fuckin' division? Hardly any.

I don't want to hear anything about Danny not doing or having enough, to step in the ring with Floyd. I'm not rushing that fight, and I could care less if it happened, guys need to peep these trends. Bradley hadn't fully proved himself (image wise), but he was the unified champ at 140. Guess who he got a chance to fight? Do I really need to say it?

We need to appreciate and make the most of what's being put out there...well at least TRUE boxing fans have learned to do that over the years.

Somebody said that Garcia wasn't P4P material, but yet, mofos have Gary Russell Jr. at the top of their lists, and he hasn't even fought my grandma yet. Weird aint it? LOL. Seriously man? Hell, people have Broner on their P4P lists, and he looked like shit against Ponce, fought an unknown Argentian for the WBO strap, was about to fight somebody named Gary Sykes (or some shit like that), and he just fought an overmtached Escebedo...but this mofo is the best in the world to some of you guys? Pffftt...see why I dont' do P4P lists? The requirements are so sub par and subjective to the point that GR Jr. and Broner crack the list, and are considered great.

Great win for Garcia, and let's expect to see him with a soft touch or two, then some more challenging fights. Lucas WONT get his shot, scratch that off the list. He's too dangerous, and has nothing to offer image wise. If he happens to, then I'll gladly eat my words on that one.

Let's look out for a Peterson fight, since he and Zab wont be fighting any time soon. Khan may slip back in the picture again, since he's decided that he's a Jr. WW again...but had those Peterson and Garcia ass-kicking not happened, that mofo would've been an aspiring WW by now. (IMG:style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif)
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