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> Toughest Training Methods/Routines U Know Of
post Dec 21 2012, 06:07 PM
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I like to train. It's been in my blood since I was a kid playing pop warner football (American) and I been at it ever since. I wake up everyday wanting to get the best out of myself Physically, Mentally and even Spiritually. Staying on the Physcial note though, I find the toughest routine to get up for when I hit the gym is core exercises. The shit kills me man, everytime! They have this new workout at this gym I go to, where u set your feet up to the point where you're dangling upside down and u have to pull yourself up. I figured new routine, I'll try it, why not. Did as many as I could until I burnt out... Bad idea! On my last count I couldn't lift back up and was left swaying back and forward like a fucking punching bag (Imagine that) until i could garner enough strength to pull up lol.

That experience led to the idea to ask people here who workout (or not), share what the toughest routine you've done or herd of doing while training?
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post Dec 22 2012, 02:31 PM
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Plyometric jumps (box jumps) is the coolest training method...of course until the moment you miss the box and bust your ass. It's my favorite, but I've busted myself up in the past. Lol

Other than that, Crazy 8's are the worst. It's a benchpress exercise that involves 3 people...two guys on each end of the bar while you lift. The trick is, for starters, we'll have four 5 lb plates on each end of the bar (with no clamp)....so that's a total of 85 lbs (bar included).

You have to do 8 presses per set. When you done 8, you hold the bar in the start position, until both guys remove a 5 lb weight, then you do 8 more, until you get down to the bar...you NEVER put the bar up for a rest. When you're done doing those 8 reps with the bar, both guys on the side, put a 5 lb plate BACK on the bar, until you get back up the 4 plates that were initially on the bar.

Can you say, burnout? That shit hurts, and it messes with your mental, because it's only 85 lbs total. If you think about it, you end up doing about 80 reps of you get through the whole exercise.

One more that I can think of, it's "climbing the ladder". You and another workout partner stand across from each other (face to face) and bicep curl with two separate bars (50 lbs).

You start by doing one curl (never putting the bar down), then your partner does two (never putting the bar down), then you'll do 3 reps (never putting the bar down)...all the way up to 10 reps...THEN you come ALL THE WAY back down to one. You'll end up doing about 50 reps a piece (my math may be a bit off).

Unfortunately, we have a curl bar and a straight bar here, rather than two curl bars....so whoever gets stuck with the straight bar, is usually fucked. (IMG:style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif)

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