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> Money & The Problem
post Dec 27 2012, 07:29 PM
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Broner on a Mayweather undercard, the question is, who would he fight in such a quick turn over? I say the winner of Garcia and Judah or maybe Broner and Maidana, better yet why not Broner and Gamboa, make it happen. Just think of it, the whole 50 cent thing with Floyd as a background story and the fact Gamboa and Mayweather were actually cool and Adrien stepping in as Floyd's next protege. It has a million story lines. At the weigh ins Ray J and 50 can get in a scuffle. 1.5 million buys instantly.

The interesting thing about the youtube video of May and Broner was Adrian was actually quiet. As Floyd was giving backhand compliments Broner sat there as if he was a seven year old kid on Santa's lap. The funny part of that entire video: Floyd saying he doesn't do bands he does straps. Of course at the end of the video the hanger ons had to get their shout outs. Broner maybe apart of the money team sooner rather than later. May 4th just got even more interesting.
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post Dec 29 2012, 02:42 PM
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QUOTE (Dolimite @ Dec 28 2012, 12:24 PM) *
Hank Lundy and Broner? Not that interested but it could have some fireworks. If Broner wants to be the man at whatever weight class he chooses to fight in I think he should take one someone with a name. If Canelo fights a 154 fighter than I would be shocked, especially someone who might show kinks in his armor, plus if Canelo looks sub par against K-9 or Trout then the super fight with Mayweather is all but over, he needs to continue to look impressive. Broner will sell some extra PPV, his antics outside the ring brings in the casual viewer. Plus if he is featured on 24/7 then that can only help.

50 and Ray J fighting it was a joke, Ray J has been seen around Vegas with Floyd more often since May's and 50's breakup. Plus I doubt people even know who Ray J is, lol, Brandy's little brother.

Sorry, but most of the undercards on PPV lack some type of interest...unless you're a harcore fan (like I am) and find the silver lining in the matchups. As it's been mentioned in this thread, all of those "fantasy" fights that guys ask for on PPV cards, will hardly ever happen.

For starters, those type of fights (Canelo/Trout, Gamboa/Broner, Broner/vs the winner of Judah/Garcia) can all make promoters a decent amount of money on a B.A.D. card or a Showtime card. As for PPV, there wouldn't be enough money to shell out to all of those fighters, especially if they're used to making a certain amount.

Look at the Mayweather/Cotto card...Floyd made a whopping $32, Cotto made $8M, Canelo got about $1.2M, Shane got around $600k, and all of the other fighters got about $200k and under. Hell, Quitana and Lattimore got under $100k. See what I mean? PPV gets 50% off the top, promoters get theres, and then the fighters (the last are interchangeable I believe).

Look at the Maidana/Morales PPV card. If Maidana got about $250k and Maidana got about $500k...and that was the main event, so imagine what the undercard fighters got. Even if the budget it big for a Mayweather card, most likely, Floyd's gonna get the lion's share, and everyone else gets what's left.

All of these guys that you say Broner needs to fight (with a name), aren't even big names outside of the boxing community. Hell, Broner isn't a big name outside of the boxing community. He's a big name to us, but not to the public. So a Lundy fight for Broner, would be good for the card. Broner will more than likely take some type of pay cut if Canelo is on the card is well...since Canelo is probably the 2nd or 3rd biggest name on the card (depending on who Floyd's opponent is).

If Canelo looks bad against (but still wins) against a Trout or K-9, then that wouldn't kill a Mayweather fight for him...we know how the sport goes. If you look too good, then you wont get big fights...if you look average or exposed, then the fight is in your hands. You made a point about Canelo needing to look impressive (in order to fight Floyd)...hence the reason he will be fighting somebody who "appears" to be a threat to the public, but not a threat to someone who knows the sport.

Broner will fall in line, if he's on this PPV card. The only promotion that he'll get, is the promotion that Mayweather allows him to have under HIS spotlight, and of course at the weigh-in. We didn't see 24/7 pumping up Canelo/Mosley, while they were pumping up Floyd/Cotto. Again, Broner will have to fall in line here. If anything, Canelo should be more of a help with the numbers this time around, because he fought a NAME (Mosley) on the last Mayweather card months ago, and he will have more promotion in Mexico while the fight is building.

As Professor mentioned about boxing being on network television, MMA is taking the lead now because people want to see blood, guts, no defense, and knockouts. Boxing is waaaay more crafty and tactical, so chances are, you wont see a knockout in every fight. DLH/Mayweather didn't deliver as it was built to, and I remember those promos being all over network tv.

If boxing is gong to be on network television again, fighters with the gift of gab need to be pushed harder. If all of this gutterbutt trash makes the airwaves (because of drama), then surely boxing can have more air time. That makes me question why fighters aren't being promoted more, like on commercials (like subway, Axe, and all of that other mess). Hell, dress a fighter up good, and have him co-host a show of some sort. People need to get used to faces, before they but into it wholeheartedly.
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