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> What Are Your Ideas For Cleaning Up Boxing?
Jack 1000
post Jan 11 2013, 02:47 PM
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I will say,

I would like to see some sort of centralized boxing authority that has the ability to over-power the sanctioning bodies when they do something that is terribly unjust or wrong. Sort of like how the Association of Boxing Commission Rules in the United States and Canada superseded, or at least are supposed to supersede alphabet federation rules. But they don't go far enough. Texas for instance has violated ABC rules by experimenting with the WBC 4th and 8th round Open Scoring system in WBC fights. This is a violation of Unified Rules.

Arkansans tried the WBC Open Scoring Rule in the Taylor-Ouma fight, but it was considered to be experimental at the time. The ABC knew this and overwhelmingly Open Scoring was rejected by almost all US Commissions and the British Boxing Board of Control. It is the ABC that kept Open Scoring thankfully out of the United States and Canada.

However, the model of a centralized boxing commission does not go far enough. And its not just the stopping of any form of Open Scoring, which has, for the most part, been a dismal failure. Why Japan likes it so much, I'll never know. If a centralized and legal authority can overturn alphabet federation protocols that are deplorable, this system should be put in place.

On the other hand, if reasonable and just decisions are made by the sanctioning bodies for the interest of the fighters, this needs to be addressed as well. Not everything an alphabet group does is corrupt. The alphabet federations are much more respected outside of the United States than within. The WBC's insurance and pension program for fighters is a good thing. The "WBC Caress" work with children's hospitals and efforts toward helping kids and fighters with terminal illness is a great thing. I can also say that the WBC out of all of the sanctioning bodies, is the most receptive to communication and feedback. They are always very helpful and willing to answer any questions or feedback that I submit to them.

The WBA is OK for feedback, but they don't respond as in-depth as the WBC does. The WBO is also pretty good for feedback. Years ago, I had a major beef with Bob Lee and the IBF when I bashed Eugenia Williams scoring in the Holyfield-Lewis I fight and recieved quite an angry response where Mr. Lee defended her right down the line. However, we know of the controversy and scandel of Bob Lee's past. Their past president Hiwatha Knight is good, and Joe Dwyer out of New York who is an IBF rep is good as well. Daryl People's the current president I heard is good and reasonable.

If all of these organizations were total shit, than I don't think respected boxing people would go to the conventions as much as they do. Also to be taken into account, has to be that no one has been able to impliment a system for boxing for the past 50 years, that completely eliminates the alphabet federations from the system. If you go with the Teddy Atlas concept of a single national commission some questions need to be addressed:

1.) Under Teddy's Atlas' national commission proposal-who would run such a system? Who would oversee a system of checks and balances to oversee fairness and justice in the system, to prevent another boxing monopoly from taking place? Teddy never talks in detail about such a proposal as to who would run the commission.

2.) I agree that there are far too many belts. WBA Super Champion, an idea proposed by Lennox Lewis to prevent multiple title holders from having to do too many defenses too close together. There should be no Super Champion period. Just call the match a 12-round World Title Elimination Match.

3.) The WBC Diamond Belt-Has no sanctioning fees associated with it and is commemorative only. But it doesn't need to be. This belt goes to the winner of two special fighters who achieved strong boxing status through the years and fight outside their weight class in a bog match. But much like the WBA Superchampion there should not be any belt for title eliminationss.

Eliminate Champion in Recess or as the WBC calls it, champion in recess belts. IF THERE IS NO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP ON THE LINE, THERE IS NO BELT GIVEN TO THE WINNER OF THE FIGHT. PERIOD.

4.) What all powers that be in boxing SHOULD be promoting is the elimination of TV and promotional monopolies with ANY FIGHTER! This is the type of bullshit that is just as bad as the sanctioning bodies when they do something bad.


5.) Boxing should have a free open market where neither HBO or Showtime are contractually obligated to any fighter or promoter. You would see better fights that way and less politics in getting the best matches made. You go with the best deals for the best fights, no long-term promoter contract monopolist tie-ins. Showtime sort of understands this. HBO doesn't get it. Lamply wouldn't know who to pom-pom if this system went into effect.

6.) Round Robin Elimination tournaments with proposal #5 in effect. Lets see how the best champions of the world federations match up to each other to produce a single unified champion. Get the Association of Boxing Commissions support of this tournament. When the undisputed champion retires or is beaten, the Round Robin elimination tournament begins again. Currently, there are too many fighters who can win a world alphabet belt, without any incentive to unify.

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post Jan 11 2013, 06:47 PM
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shooting bob arum is a start
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