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> Is he better now or then?? Is his legs gone?? (Floyd Mayweather), Did he lose a step or two?? You be the Judge
post Feb 12 2013, 06:03 PM
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Many people say that Floyd is better today than he was years ago but honestly I must say that the younger, faster Floyd got hit far less than he does today and I know that makes for a more action-packed/competitive bout because he's taking more risks standing in the pocket and trading but he never got hit as much when he was using his legs more.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kK9en6g9JTQ <<<His Defensive abilities

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kK9en6g9JTQ <<<His Offensive abilities

Though the uneducated casual observer (those who do not know the difference between Boxing and Brawling) would say he was a Runner, I still favored his earlier style using his legs to box and not get hit than I do the more Crowd Pleasing Style today.

So, is he better today or then? Or did he lose a step or two??

Your thoughts???
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post Feb 14 2013, 09:05 AM
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QUOTE (BrutUalBK @ Feb 13 2013, 02:16 PM) *
1. The thing I've noticed though in regards to most Floyd fans is that they do tend to be more fans of the sport instead of just a bandwagon Mayweather fan and they tend to be more realistic than most of these internet Pacquiao fans.

2. I thought his legs looked like they sustained him well in the fight with Shane, in fact, I'd go so far to say that he was very fortunate to have had those stronger legs otherwise he would've hit the canvas.

3. I disagree that Floyd was forced into those fights, I believe he wanted Shane a long time ago and Cotto as well. Try not to forget that Cotto was a Top Rank fighter protected by Bob Arum from Floyd for a long time, if I can recall correctly when Bob was trying to get Margo the fight with Floyd that Mayweather only wanted that fight if it included a bout with Cotto for 10 million but Arum balked at the idea. <<<I might be wrong on that but I do remember vaguely that there was a couple of bouts Floyd asked Bob for and one of them included Cotto for 10 mil.

4. I think many people started to look for comparisons of Floyd to Manny and vice versa as if that would determine who would win, I can recall many debates with fans of Pac that stated stuff like well he beat Oscar and Ricky better and from some Mayweather fans stating well he beat JMM far easier and he beat Oscar first and not at a CW. So you're right, people were doing some sort of reckoning but i don't think none of that would've mattered if they were to get it on.

5. Skill will definitely be a plus when dealing with Floyd but patience will not get it done, you need someone with a high work rate a great jab, equal or better speed and equal or better defense to beat Floyd and then after that you still need someone with a high ring IQ. Honestly right now there are only about 2 guys I can think of that have those things that can offset Floyd's skills, Martinez and Trout.

Tall, rangy, SPs with a great jab and enough pop will help to keep Floyd honest but there aren't that many of them in the game today and especially in the WW or Jr MW division.

1. I somewhat disagree with this point about Floyd fans being fans of the sport. There are some guys around here, that we ONLY hear from when some news has broken about Floyd. If they "appear" to know anything about the sport, it usually consists of them reciting some mumbo jumbo that came from his mouth, or their points usually begin with, "Well, back in 2007 when Floyd fought Oscar...". Again, I have to somewhat disagree with the point, but on the other hand, Floyd does educate his fans about the sport, so it's more of a 55/45 deal, now that I sit back and look at it.

2. I can rock with you on this point. Had his legs been that bad, then yes, he would've gone down. I was speaking of his legs throughout the fight...maybe he just didnt appear in most rounds. Of course that's just my observation though.

3. He did want Shane and Cotto years ago, we ALL know the stories behind that. The thing is, at his point of his career, both guys (Shane and Cotto) had NOTHING to lose, which made them somewhat of a substantial threat. Floyd on the other hand, had everything to lose. He pretty much gave Shane and Miguel a breath of new life when he agreed to fight them, and we both know that those guys are/were dangerous, and had fought some stiff competition throughout their careers.

4. Agreed, totally. The people that mattered (the actual buyers) were seeing who still had what left in the tank, and as we hardcore fans know, the result of the fight would've been what we originally predicted. The buyers saw what they wanted to see, which worked for both guys, and there's no turning back once you hit that "buy" button, so everybody won in that case. Well, now that I think about it, we ALL actually lost...the fight still hasn't happened. We've been duped here! (IMG:style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif)

5. I dont know. Going into the fight, I think his opponents think "high work rate", but when it falls through, that "high work rate" looks like a game of cat and mouse gone terribly wrong. We can eve throw the coyote and road runner games in there, add others if you will. Lol. When that high work rate falls through, a guy still has to be patient, and as you mentioned, they need the ring IQ to pull this off. I guess I'll settle with a guy needing good timing, but that goes along with ring IQ, so you're right here. All of those characteristics that a fighter needs (tall, rangy, southpaw, high work rate) dont matter...especially if they're used wrong. Again, you pretty much made your point with the ring IQ part.

QUOTE (Dolimite @ Feb 13 2013, 10:11 PM) *
If he fights toe to toe he is losing his legs, if he circles around his opponent he is boring and "running if he engages with an opponent and is willing to get hit he has lost a step and his defense is not as strong, if he pots shot all night he is scared to engage (IMG:style_emoticons/default/nea.gif) no matter how he fights he will have critics. I guess it comes with the territory.

Is that you, Floyd???
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post Feb 14 2013, 08:18 PM
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QUOTE (Cshel86 @ Feb 14 2013, 09:05 AM) *
Is that you, Floyd???

Am I wrong? Rather I am Floyd or not whatever he does people bitch.
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