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> Do you agree with this guy (Terry Foster)??, Article on Floyd/does Mayweather define all Black Men?
post Mar 4 2013, 08:22 PM
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I for one do not agree that Floyd defines all black men (especially Your's Truly), it is inflammatory articles like these especially by Uncle Tom Negroes who help to continue to perpetuate not only the racial hate black men receive but also the hate towards a man in a sport where persona is perception and perception a reality (for some).

How can this Uncle Ben (Terry Foster) say that Floyd defines us: I've never been to prison, I don't hit women (if that's what he really did) and I haven't fathered children out of wedlock.

Sure Floyd is a great boxer and whatever he was doing to Mrs. Bundrage at that moment doesn't spell out that all of us (black men) would do the same thing. Let's not forget that Mrs. Bundrage did some trash talking to Floyd prior to the fight between K9 and Ishe and in her role as Manager for her husband is why Mayweather retorted in the first place irregardless of his antics; she got back the negative energy she put out.

Now, am I saying that everything was in good taste that Floyd did? No, but given the gravity of the moment and the fight taking place in the ring it applied.

Your thoughts?
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post Mar 5 2013, 01:40 PM
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Another "writer" playing the "look at this oh-so powerful young, black, rich man that negatively influences the masses" card?! Get ouuutta here, really?! Say it aint so.

Seriously though, if a man walks up dancing and putting his dick all over your girlfriend/wife/significant other, then he deserves to get his ass kicked. Sadly, in this case, nothing was done about it. The most that happened was a punk ass article being written...is the problem solved? Absolutely not.

It just makes people look at Floyd more and more like the mindless douche that they already perceive him to be. How many people already feel this way about him? SEVERAL. What can those same people do about their thoughts of him? Absolutely nothing. There you have it.

As MG mentioned, people of all races have demeaned women in one way or another. Hell, your favorite singer, rapper, rockstar, actor, etc has demeaned a woman at least once in life...whether the issue was made public or not. That doesn't make it okay, but it happens all the time.

Fuck, even women demean other women and project this disgusting persona of how women with some type of money or fame act...I'm sure that most (if not all) of us have glanced at least one episode of Bad Girls Club, Real Housewives of (wherever tha fuck, insert city here), Love & Hip-Hop, etc. Hell, some/most women nowadays clamor over every upcoming episode of that shit, whether most are willing to admit it or not.

The whole "hyprocritical" black man nonsense has got to stop. Everybody (regardless of race) has had a hypocritical moment in their life...some more than others. Most people think that Manny is on PEDs and discredit the latter part of his career, but they're happy as hell that he beat tha hell outta Margarito. Hypocrisy? Justice served? Who knows. The writer is reaching here, and he's trying to take on a tall order.

If he wants to go there, then he can start with the music industry who gives these young "hypocritical" black males the opportunity to show the world just how cool it is to demean women, sell drugs, wear this and that, flash money, lie, etc. Then he can tackle social media (youtube, facebook, twitter, instgram, etc.) for giving them the chance to flaunt their lifestyle/character/etc.

Then he can tackle how parents dont monitor their children's activities (social media, television, etc). THEN he can tackle the fact that some of those same parents are "hypocritical" because they dont want their children watching that type of stuff, but yet, they're grown asses love it, and vicariously live by it. Oh what hypocrites they are, ooooh.

So if this chickenshit writer wants to fix this one problem, then he has some heavy lifting to do.

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