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> Bradley vs Marquez, This year just keeps getting better!
post Apr 18 2013, 02:15 PM
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Marquez has confirmed that he will fight Bradley 9/14 at the Thomas and Mack center. What a fight! He said he was approached with 2 names, Bradley and alvarado.

This year has been pretty awesome so far, and it seems like its just gonna get better.

Are you guys ready for this!!!
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post Apr 19 2013, 08:44 AM
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QUOTE (Dolimite @ Apr 18 2013, 06:36 PM) *
Chsels I want my damn money! I told you Marquez or Bradley wasn't fighting Pac!

Guys, I hate to be a debbie downer, a kill joy, the bearer of bad news, a douchebag, take your pick...

But, did anybody see Arum's name anywhere in the article? I know that Arum has Bradley/Provodnikov, JMM/Pac V, Alvarados/Rios III, in the holster and has the right to play them accordingly, but this seems a bit strange to me.

Marquez mentioned that two names were returned to him, but from whom? Hell, we've seen this before. As many games as Arum, Roach, Marquez, etc has been playing over the past couple of months, it's hard to gauge which one is the truth, which one is fluff, and which one is a flat out lie.

How much do we think Juan is going to make in a Bradley fight? I doubt if he even makes more than $3M...and what was he asking for? $10M or more? Me thinks that he's posturing Bob a bit. Oh yeah, has Manny said anything as of late? Nope. Usually when Marquez is an option for him, he plays stubborn (which he does horribly), and gets quiet as if he's upset that he has to fight him again.

If you think about about it, a Bradley fight for Marquez and an Alvarado fight for Manny, are "cruise" fights. I mean "cruise" as in, smoking the weed first, then smoking the cigarette shortly after, to keep the high going. Why not smoke the weed first (JMM/Pac V), then cruise with those relatively easy fights afterwards?

Remember, Manny and Juan are fighting each other for that last shot at supremacy (translation: for money), not fighting to see who gets Bradley and Alvarado next...that's totally backwards. Did anybody forget that it's just April? Now, if it was July, then I'd believe Marquez, but it's waaay too early. Again, I believe JMM is being a hard ass and posturing Arum, the same way Arum is posturing Vegas with the whole, "I'm taking Manny's fights to Macau" nonsense.

We can go on and on about how these 6 guys (Bradley, JMM, Pac, Alvarado, Rios, Provodnikov) do against each other, but let's forget that Manny still brings in all of the money. As crazy as this sounds, JMM is still a safe fight for Manny at this point. Let's not forget, Manny was beating Juan pretty badly before the KO. Juan was looking old in that fight...honestly, he looked better in the 3rd fight, he just had better moments in the 4th...well, two moments that counted the most.

Arum's Big Six (fighters) can work for him, but really, all of those guys were in hard fights and are still licking their wounds as we speak. All of them took bad punishment in their recent fights with each other, so this willy-nilly stuff that Marquez is talking, has yet to be determined as fact. His B-side fighters (Rios, Alvarado, Bradley, Provo) still have time, but Manny is probably on the fence (gun shy and seriously contemplating retirement), Juan isn't exactly Benjamin Button here, and they're both frail, so Arum has to strike while the iron still has a bit of heat left on it. As much as Arum lies, I'm actually waiting to hear what he has to say about this.

Bob just may take his chances with this fight, but I can't imagine a Mexican Independence weekend being thrown away for a JMM/Bradley fight. I mean Tim did put on an exciting fight with Provo, but how many caption pics did we see swarming over the net after that fight? None. Now, Manny being laid out, seemed to go viral (I hate that word, lol) rather quickly. So, the people that actually missed the KO loss, will be sure to try and catch it again this time around, or see if Manny can do things differently. Who knows...
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