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> Open Scoring: Poll Added!, How Do You Feel About It?
What is Your Take On The WBC's 4th and 8th Round Open Scring Rule?
How Do You Currently Feel About Open Scoring?
I Have Always Hated It [ 13 ] ** [81.25%]
I Have Always Liked It [ 1 ] ** [6.25%]
I Used to Hate It, But Now Like/Am Used To It [ 0 ] ** [0.00%]
I Used to Like It, But Now Hate It [ 0 ] ** [0.00%]
I Am Not Sure [ 2 ] ** [12.50%]
Total Votes: 16
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The Original MrF...
post Apr 24 2013, 01:37 PM
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I think many who hate open scoring and the way it was presented in the Canelo/Trout fight may have really hated it because of the horrific scores read in the 8th round. If that score reflected a dead even fight, I dont think there would be as much backlash. I think the score shown after the 8th round that showed Trout trailing badly that pissed everybody off. Many, including Trout(to some degree) thought the fight was pretty much over unless Trout got a KO. Hey, even Stevie Wonder's scorecard had it close after 8.

I think open scoring can be done with success. I think it should be done after each round. I know the crowd may then sway the judges at ringside, just a bit after the scores are read. I also think that maybe there should be 5 Judges. 3 at ringside and 2 in a secluded room with a few monitors watching the fight with no replays or commentary just to balance the sway of the crowd noise. The ringside judges, particularly for this fight may get swayed way too much by the crowd. The secluded judges will see the fight in a more objective way. As it is now, we know judges are only human and dont have the benefit of replay, as we do. So they may see a scoring shot that didnt really score. That was also very evident in Pacquiao/Bradley. I think that happened to the benefit or detriment of both guys in Canelo/Trout.

I think the 8th round score just gave us a preview of what we saw at the end when the scorecards were tallied. The disappointment was the same, just earlier. If they showed the scores after each round, then Trout could have decided to get busier earlier. Of course its going to change the way the guy fights. I dont see anything wrong with that. In football if you are down by 20 points late in the 2nd quarter, you might start passing more. You change your approach to try to score more. In football they dont hold the score until late in the 3rd quarter and you find out the score is 40 to 10. And your team is the one with 10. Outside of some miracle, your not gonna win. Lets the scores be shown after each round. The judges may even be more honest that way.

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post Apr 25 2013, 09:09 PM
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There's some big cons about open scoring, how the judges can be easily swayed by the press and crowd during the fight. But they have the best viewing of the fight from the side of the rings, plus the notifications from the ref. If they scored it from a remote location, there could still be swindling in the judging, even made easier behind the lines.

On scoring the fight, you have to look at who is in control of the round, you can't just look at "skill" (this guy is more skilled so I'm picking him), you have to look at who's in control. And Canelo looked like he had greater control in the fight, that's what the judges and Showtime saw. Facial expressions do play a factor as well, when a guy (Trout) looks frustrated and in non-control he gives the other guy (Canelo) more respect to the eyes of the viewers.

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