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> Is Oscar Putting Too much Pressure of Canelo?
post Sep 4 2013, 09:08 AM
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It seems everyday or even every second Oscar is telling anyone who will listen (which is everyone), that his Rooster is going to knock the shit out of Mayweather and the fight will not see round 9. Oscar is guaranteeing a Saul victory. Oscar is talking a lot this fight, more than any other fighter Mayweather has gone up against. He is now even claiming that he really beat Mayweather (coke is a hellva drug). It just seems De La Hoya is not just promoting this fight but he really is behind the notion that Canelo can truly KO Mayweather. he has already talked about a rematch when Canelo wins. Is Oscar making Saul's job that much harder?Is he adding more pressure by all his talk about the fight not going past the 9th round? If I was Oscar, one I would never dressed in fishnets, two, I would not be so adamant about saying my guy will def TKO a fighter that has never been knocked down. I am just curious how Saul internally is taking all this in. Yes he is saying the right things and he seems calm, but at the same time, he has to feel a bit of pressure coming from Golden Boy. If he loses badly then there will be no need for a rematch, and then where does he go from there? He can't fight B and C fighters anymore. There is so much riding on this fight. Personally, Oscar needs to tone it down. We all know how you feel. That extra pressure can be nerve racking. What do yawl think?
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post Sep 4 2013, 05:32 PM
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I know a lot of played sports either in HS or in college. Imagine playing your rival school. Everyone is already pumped and is on edge. They are excited and ready to play. Here comes the fucking principal talking major shit and saying all sorts of shit about the other team. That is added pressure that does not need to be. Its like when someone adds extra salt to grits, no matter how well prepared the grits were cooked and all the extra cheese and butter that was added, the salt kills the fucking taste of the grits. Right now Oscar is that salt for Canelo. Canelo is trying to get his grits at the best temperature and here is Oscar, adding more shit to the recipe then need be.

If I am Saul, I am telling Oscar to shut the fuck up and stop making prediction. Remember the last superstar fighter's team made a prediction? "He would need God to help him out" I think the pressure is little bit too much that Oscar is pushing. It is getting a little heavy. If Nelo doesn't get the KO then what?

Great post everyone!
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