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> bad officiating, C J Ross.... Steps Down (Topics Merged)
post Sep 15 2013, 02:26 PM
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So why hasn't boxing investigated her?? Or any judge that makes these bad calls, why do they continously get to keep coming up to world level and fucking things up. I understand judges and refs need protection from everybody from the commission but still that doesn't mean there untouchable.
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Jack 1000
post Sep 16 2013, 11:21 AM
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I think the biggest problem is that there is no reprimand in boxing for horrible officiating, or very little. Judges like Eugenia Williams, who scored Lewis-Holyfield-I's draw, 115-113 for Holyfield in a fight that Lewis won at least seven rounds handily, or CJ Ross's recent 114-114 draw card, with Floyd on most accounts taking nine rounds to a shutout or her 115-113 Bradley card, in which in which Pacquaio won a solid seven rounds, shows that judges can get away with this because there is no higher up authority to stop them.

Although I disagree strongly with Teddy Atlas about many things, I can see points raised about the lack of national commission when it comes to officiating that is so bad that the officals need to be investigated. My view is that you can't put a national commission on an international sport, so how about an international commission?

If a judge or referees actions are so outrageous, so incomprehensible that no one on the plant agrees with what they saw or did in the fight, let's take CJ Ross in her scoring of Bradley-Pacquaio, or worse her scoring of Mayweather-Canelo, or Russel Mora's officiating in Mares-Agbeko I in which he allowed Mares to throw an estimated sixty to eighty low blows with no points deducted, no DQ, nothing but constant warnings:

When an official is called into question who's actions can be defended by no one else but themselves

1.) They must attend a review hearing.
2.) Officials must sit down with the commission review board and watch the fight explaining their scores as a judge, or actions as a ref.
3.) They are allowed to bring evidence or legal council to the meeting to support claims of their actions.
4.) The commission or sanctioning body takes notes of the judges responses for why officiated the way they did.
5.) They must come up with clear and deductive reasoning to explain their officiating. "Boxing is subjective" will not be a valid response if they saw a fight that no one else did.
6.) The commission reviews there statements and off of of these conditions one of several recommendations is made:

a.) The evidence shows that the official had a bad night and receives no penalty or a probation warning.
b.) The commission/sanctioning body finds evidence of overt favoritism, fixing, incompetence and would than have the power to do the following, based on the severity of the evidence found: (One or more of the following.)

* A fine
*A suspension of license for a set period of time (say six months to a year.)
*A revocation of license. (More than a year.)
*A lifetime ban, (fired from officiating.)

The interesting thing is that CJ Ross has been shown in her judging history to favor underdogs, not necessarily the house fighter. She seems to like to force draws a lot. I haven't looked at ALL of her record yet, just those six controversial fights. She has officiated, according to Box Rec since 1992.

Community Questions:

1.) Has she officiated a Mayweather or Alvarez fight before this, what was her score?

2.) Do you think her scoring was racially biased favoring Alvarez because he was the up and coming next Mexican star? The WBC has a history of favoring Mexican fighters being a Mexican organization rulled by a Mexican president. However, racial bias or favoring the star, certainly did NOT apply by ruining Pacquaio's performance by giving the fight to Bradley. Bradley was no "house fighter." Cynthia's record shows favoring underdogs, and underdogs are not usually known as the house fighter.

My main question for Nevada Commissioner Keith Keizer would be the following:

Why do you see Cynthia Ross as a good judge despite her boxing record now showing at least seven controversial fights?
What would a judge have to do in your view to illustrate wrongdoing if Ms. Ross's scorecard did not illustrate this in your view?
Why is it that no one else in the entire boxing word saw the fight that she saw? Wouldn't there be as little as one other draw card to support her card? I have found NOTHING!

4.) If there was a bribe, can you describe specifically how you think it went down and who did it? Could someone have just gone up to Cynthia Ross and said. "Um, here's an extra $3000 if you would agree to favor Canelo Alvarez in his fight with Floyd Mayweather? If that happened, was it some big higher up, or some lone gambler, someone with whom you wouldn't expect OR

5.) There was no bribe, and Cynthia Ross for reasons known only to her either hates Floyd Mayweather and/or loves Canelo Alvarex and wanted to do everything in her power to give him the fight? Could she have just been sick of Floyd winning all the time? Maybe just wanting to please the WBC or Golden Boy Promotions by favoring Canelo? After all, many people still do not like Floyd, both officially and unofficially and want to see him lose, and the money that Canelo could have brought gave CJ Ross that opportunity. She wanted to be different, stand out in a crowd. My problem with this, is why would you want to create such a negative backlash for yourself without some monetary compensation involved? At best it's incompetence, worse, favoritism, or does #4 really come into play here, corruption? Why or why not?

6.) At first bell, what were the odds on Mayweather vs. Canelo for a unanimous decision? A Split Decision? A Majority Decision? For Floyd? For Canelo?

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