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> Why is Martinez settling for Cotto without testing the Mayweather sweepstakes waters?
Col Reb
post Oct 14 2013, 09:22 PM
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I think Martinez-Cotto will be a great fight, but now might be the opportunity for Martinez to get Floyd, a fight he's always claimed to want. Now there is not even a mention of it? I know he's been loyal to HBO but come on. He's not even an Arum fighter. If Martinez demolishes Cotto I don't think Floyd takes the fight, and if Martinez loses he can kiss any chance of getting Floyd goodbye. If I were his team I'd be pushing for Floyd (since Sergio looked vulnerable in his last fight) and have Cotto as a Plan B. Your thoughts?
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post Oct 30 2013, 11:11 PM
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QUOTE (klonopinz @ Oct 30 2013, 06:27 PM) *
the difference in the trout fight was cotto tried to box him instead of hurt him to the body. i think his passion was gone for that fight also. i think hes in a do or die state right now and hes motivated, plus roach has his offense dialed in awesome. i havent seen miguel punch that well in a while, he was super fast and had great fluididy and whip in his shots. he was puting his combos together well also. mechanicaly he looks great IMO.

but you cant say that the cotto back in the day around the time of williams, at 147 around 2006 wouldnt be a beast. he would be ripping williams to the body, williams was overated IMO. he got counterpunched to shit by lara, koed by sergio, even tho the first fight sergio got tagged up also. and he only really beat a past his prime winky, and margarito in his prime, thats his big win next to martinez. even quintana beat him, an cotto ate quintana alive. williams at 147 was so skinny, a cotto body shot would have folded him in half IMO.

Austin trout aint knocking out shit, he couldnt even land a good shot on canelo ffs.

sergio used to be "too athletic" for miguel, but that was 4 years ago. sergio is ripe for the picking right now while miguel has be reinvigorated. i think sergios knee injury has totally ruined his style. now he cant fight like he used to, he is forced to trade shots to to toe now, like in his murray and chavez fights. he doesnt all the time, but he is forced to now way more than ever because he is older and hes breaking down. golovkin would retire him, so i think cotto is a perfect fight. IMHO sergio is actually a legit 154 pounder who became famous beating dumb slow middleweights, when he fought 154 lbs and 147 lbs he had more problems because these guys could actually keep up wit his agility and speed.

sergio will have trouble trying to box cotto, cotto will expose him because sergios best punch is that sneaky left hand lead that he uses, where he ducks his head down low to his right and throws a small looping left hand thru his opponents jab. that is a perfect punch to try on cotto because he will be leaning right into miguels left hook to the body and/or head. he will move right into it and get KOed himself. not to mention he will get jabbed to death by cottos strong left hand power jabs. his hands are down and he will get picked apart by cottos jab.

If were gonna do this whole "he beat the guy who beat him" thing (that is not the best way to argue a point in boxing) than Williams beat margs very handily who beat cotto once and was on his way to catching cotto late again in the second fight if it wasnt for the very involves ny doctors and ref.

Williams is not an easy fight for anyone.

I respect cotto a lot so Idk why your making excuses for him in the trout fight when he himself never made an excuse. It isn't trouts fault that cotto supposedly fought him without passion. Sergio is basically a stronger faster trout, cotto wouldn't be able to hold up to him for twelve.
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