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> FLOYD VS KHAN??? Anyone out there interested....
post Jan 25 2014, 11:31 AM
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i think every generation in boxing has to have an ATG. it'd be unreasonable just to go through an extended period of time and not have outstanding boxers present themselves, or else the sport would die out. there has to be those 1, 2, or 3 fighters who are on an elite level and keep the fans motivated to tune in and watch someone unique who displays a different skill set from most.

floyd, in my opinon, has fought some tough opposition esp in his earlier career, and not only that, but he dominated most of these guys in a way that no one else in today's generation of boxers could. that's why we watch him despite his antics and attitude outside of the ring. sharmba mitchell, chop chop, genaro hernandez, chico corrales...these guys aren't walk overs, but floyd made them look like it, and that is what is most impressive to me about him. it's not the W's he's racked up himself, but the method and style he captured those W's over his career. i think listening and talking with real fighters brings a lot of clarity to the situation because you recognize the sheer amount of training and sacrifice they go through to get to a certain level. ricky hatton, de la hoya, cotto, jmm...out of the hundreds of thousands maybe even millions of fighters out there - these are some of the select few who made it to the top because of their talent, skill, and dedication to their craft. if you can recognize what it took for them to reach the level they did, then you'd surely recognize how amazing it is to watch someone like floyd appear ALMOST close to flawless when he fights them.

many can argue that floyd didn't fight this guy at his prime or floyd ducked another guy at a certain point in his career, and people believe that his careful selection of opponents doesn't give him the right to be ATG status. well if that's the case, who in our generation (i'm saying the past 10-15 years) is? when i hear older folks talk about boxing in their time, i get envious because first off, A LOT more casual fans knew and followed the sport. you could catch big fights on public tv and major broadcasting stations like nbc or cbs. you could walk up to most guys and have a decent conversation about who's who in the sport much like people do with the NFL today. in turn, boxers had to earn the respect of fans and valued their opinions more than they do currently. that's maybe why you had the ray robinsons, ray leonards, haglers, and hearns who weren't as hesitant as today's generation of boxers to go at it with more top-tier opponents. alot of people consider them ATG's both based on their skill level and the opposition they chose to fight.

point being...both the sport has changed itself and so have its fighters. hard to compare boxers now to boxers back then...like apples to oranges because of the way everything has been altered. floyd dont give a shit about what the fans want, he cares about what fights make sense to him at that given time and what fights are best for his career. again, this to me, should not be indicative of whether he gets ATG status or not. you can't single out many boxers today who have impacted the sport of boxing as effectively, generated as much revenue, created as much controversy, and displayed as much skill and dominance in the ring as floyd has. he gets my vote as an ATG because again, if he isn't then who is? are we just saying ATG's just don't exist anymore and never will?

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post Jan 25 2014, 12:33 PM
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he is def an atg whoever argues against that is a fool. i just think he has wayy to much impact on the boxing landscape, and its not his fault, but before he came along the undefeated status in boxing didnt mean as much, and i partially blame him, maybe 25%, for starting the cold war. his presence is just to great, and ill be glad when he retires. Just because it will give boxing a chance to balance itself out. mayweather is drawing ay to much from boxing, and that is taking away some light that some up and comers deserve. i love mayweather, i always will, but ive never seen someone with so much poer over boxing besides bob arum, but i glad that mayweather came along and put bob arum in his place, he as a godsend to boxing, without mayweather and oscar, bob arum and don king ould be ruling boxing and keeping it a sess pool, soon as bob dies(please say a prayer, as i will be, im dead serious) i beleve boxing ill finally be out of its dark ages and the meek shall inherit the game.
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post Jan 28 2014, 08:46 PM
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QUOTE (mgrover @ Jan 25 2014, 06:01 AM) *
i am god damn butthurting, this curry almost killed me haha. While it's a subjective, I thought there was an unspoken rule that it was about who you faced and beat?

Man, leave that damn curry alone...unless you plan to be in the house the next day. Lol

It IS subjective, and yes, there's an unspoken rule about who you faced. With that in mind, again, it all depends on who believes that the person you faced, is actually worth mentioning...or calling a legit opponent.

It's like saying that Pac's victory over Cotto, is one of the victories that would land him into the FOH, or an ATG rather. From the majority's view (read: casual fans and clueless pundits with TV time), the Cotto victory was one of those fights. In reality...Cotto had just been beaten to death by Margs, had a shaky performance against Jennings for the WBO belt, lost more steam and miles on his career in the Clottey fight...and 5 months later, he was good enough to fight Manny. It's crazy...

Hell, Floyd fought Cotto after ALLLLL of that happened...but people say that it was Floyd's best fight. Why? Because he looked good in a difficult fight? Because he simply struggled in the fight? Because he actually looked challenged for once in his career? Who knows...

Again, you'd have to look at the criteria for ATG and who even created that criteria. Was it based on THEIR (read: the person who created the ATG list) opinions and biased views? Was it based on their era of boxing? What's been done different (read: better) since that era?

This debate can go on forever and ever...but at the end of the day, nobody knows. Hell, Floyd can name a fighter (from the past) whom he believes is an ATG. Is his word more solid than another fighter's? Because's he undefeated and the biggest moneymaker in the sport? What if Pac says that Duran is the ATG? Would Pac supporters look at Duran's record and fights differently. because they support Pac and actually take his word over any other fighters's?

Again, if you haven't noticed, there are A LOT of questions marks here, and most of the questions are dead ends...because they're relating to something so subjective. People may think Ali is an ATG, but if you look at it, Ali fought racism, the draft, found religion, had countries behind him, etc...in some's eyes...THAT would make him more of an ATG than the next fighter, because his biggest fights wre outside of boxing.

Check this out...where is Holyfield, Tyson, Holmes, etc. nowadays (financially)? Broke...easy. NOW, if you look at Floyd (outside of his "in the ring" work), from where he stands now (this can change), he's financially raped the sport and showed the public and other fighters how ugly it is....and he's overcome it (at the moment). He showed the public and other fighters that it a light at the end of the tunnel, and that you can be "your own boss", and milk the sport for what it's worth.

In THIS generation, being that we've seen the best fighters get raped out of their money...he may have given some people some actual hope and guidance. To THEM...he can be considered an ATG, outside of his ring work. Again, this ATG debate can on and on.
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post Jan 28 2014, 08:55 PM
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I'm interested, thanks... Mayweather-Maidana as well
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