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> 'Hitman' Hasan Young - 140lb Boxing Prospect Interview, Interview of Hasan Young 3/3/14 Young is 5-1-1 (2ko's)
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Hasan Young is a 140lb boxing prospect from Philadelphia, PA. He is 5-1-1 (2kos) Signed to Peltz Boxing. He is active on social media Instagram & Twitter @HasanYoung and Facebook Hasan Young.

Questions for Fighters: Hasan 'Hitman' Young

When did you start boxing?
-I started taking boxing seriously when I was 13 years old that's when I had my first amateur fight. I've been in and around the sport even before then for as long as I can remember going to the gym with my dad, and running with him etc.

What was your amateur career like?
-I went 70-10 as an amateur. I won the 2006 National Ringside tournament. 2008 Middle Atlantic Tournament, 2007 PA Jr Golden Gloves. I participated in the 2012 U.S Olympic Reload Tournament. I developed a great amount of experience as an amateur, and it will serve me well as I progress in the pros.

What high school did you go to? Did you attend any schooling after that?
- I graduated from Imhotep Charter High School in 2008, may I add the #1 Men's Basketball Philadelphia All-Public league champs 3 years and running! After High school I went to college at The Art Institute of Philadelphia to study fashion marketing. I always wanted to own my own clothing company. God willing in the future, when I make a substantial amount of money in boxing I will be able start my own line and open my own store.

Do you have any brothers/sisters?
-I have 12 brothers and sisters in all. I'm the 2nd to oldest. Almost all my younger brothers box or are involved in the sport. And my little sisters are all Grade A students. I work very hard, and train everyday so all my siblings can be able go to school and have their college tuition paid, and not be burdened by school loans like I was.

Are you married? Have any kids?
-Yes I am married, still newly wed you could say. Tiyonna and I have been married since November 20th 2013. She keeps me focused, and supports me 100%. She's the love of my life. No kids just yet.

What neighborhood did you grow up in?
-I grew up mostly in what could be called the uptown section of Philadelphia. Germantown, Mt .Airy, West oak lane, etc.

What was your family life like growing up, what is your life like now?
-Well it was just me and my mom mostly growing up. My mom had me when she was only 16 years old, but I never needed for much as a kid, I always had food on my plate and new clothes on my back. As a single mother my mom took great care of me, and instilled all the values in me which made me the man I am today. Today I've dedicated myself 100% to making a better life for my mom and family, and my entire family support me 100% in that achieving that.

Does being the underdog, a contender, A Side or B Side, make a difference to you, do you prefer one over the others? Why?
-Well I love to prove all the people who have doubts about me wrong, so I'm A ok with being the underdog. I'm a underdog in life, statistics say I wouldn't graduated HS, go to college, or stay out of prison where I'm from, so I'm a underdog in life and I will continue to beat the odds.

What fight did you learn the most from, or the most about yourself through and why?
-Well I have one major setback on my record, and that is my only defeat as a professional. I made no excuses after that fight, even though I accepted that fight on one week's notice so I wasn't 100% prepared. I had trouble making the weight so I was dehydrated. Even with those things stacked up against me going into the fight I still went into the fight and fought my heart out. I never backed down or went down, and I gave the fans an exciting fight. Mostly my pride was hurt as a result of that fight, because I've never been knockdown as a pro or amateur, but I feel like I answered all the questions about my heart, my toughness, and even my chin. Even though the fight was stopped, I never went down and my opponent was supposed to be some monster. I learned from that fight to respect the sport of boxing 100% and be a fighter 365 days a year, and stay ready so I won't have to get ready!

What was the toughest time in your life?
-I've had a bunch of tough times in my life even though I'm only 23 years old, I can't really pin point one specific thing, but I try to stay focused on the positive things in my life and keep moving forward.

Do you have a specific routine or superstition that you go through the week of/ day of the fight?
-Run 5am. Strength Condition 10am. Boxing Gym 12noon. Boxing Gym 6pm. Eat Sleep Repeat.

Outside of boxing what sport(s) do you watch most?Teams? Players?
-I'm a die hard eagles fan! E-A-G-L-E-S!!!

Do you have any hobbies?
-Not really man I eat sleep breathe boxing. Well once a month my wife and I try a new restaurant we've never been before so I guess that can count as a hobby.

Do you have a favorite meal that you look forward to eating after a fight?
-Yup subway meatball marinara sandwhich! I gotta have it before every fight!

What is your favorite boxing movie?
-Ali by far!

Favorite fighter of all time? Or a top 5/10?
-Bernard Hopkins, Floyd Mayweather, and Sugar Ray Leonard! Those are my guys!

Who is your biggest inspiration?
-As a fighter I would say B-Hop, because he is from the same city that I'm from. My earliest memories of watch boxing is watching him fight de la Hoya and Trinidad. So B-Hop is definitely my biggest inspiration, I try to mold my fight game around his philosophy.

What does it mean (for you) to be a fighter?
-Well I think everybody is a fighter in their own right. Everybody Is facing different battles in life, it just so happens I actually fight hand to hand combat for a living. I'm just like any other blue collar American worker reaching for something better for his family.

What separates you from every other fighter in your division?
-I want to be great. I want to be recognized as a great fighter when I finally hang up the gloves. My ambition for as long as I could remember was to be a great fighter. Not good, not just a champion, but a great champion!

If you could have one dream fight with anyone, who would it be? (Why?)
- I'm such a fan of all the great fighters I really can't think of one. I would have to fight Ali just to see how he would hype the fight, I would want to fight B-hop just to pick up some defensive moves, so I don't know I'm not at the level yet to be thinking about fighting greats I'm still working to write my name in stone.

Tell us more about the opposition you fought so far?Who picks your fights? Do you have any say?
-Well I think so far I've been matched tough and answered the bell each fight. I've answered a lot of questions that other prospects still have hovering over their heads. My promoter Russel Peltz has set up my last four fights since I've been signed to him, and I think he's done a good job thus far. My team and I have the final say on all opponents because we operate without a manager. So my dad, trainer Derek 'Bozy' Ennis and I sit down and discuss why we should face certain opponents when Russell brings us names.

What fight did you learn the most from, or the most about yourself through and why?
-I learned in all my fights that I am tough, when I step through those ropes I have the animal instinct that can't be taught. Killed or be killed. That's my mindset when I step in the ring.

Who do you think are the Top 5 boxers in your division right now?
-The world champions run the show right now, and they are without question the best in the division. I can't wait to match skill, wit, and talent with those guys.

Is each fight as important as the last one or the next on or do you feel differently each time you have a fight coming up?
-Each fight I'm in is the most important fight of my life, I prepare 100% and continually search for ways to improve my preparation.

What was the toughest decision you had to make with your career thus far?
-Well recently I've changed head trainers. That was a very tough decision, but I believe it was the best decision for me. April 4th @ the Liacorous center you will see me improving and getting better and better.

Describe yourself in 5 words.
Humble. Focused. Ambitious. Faithful & Strong.
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