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Full Version: Is White Buffalo for real?
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Here is a look the best site in 2008 for adults.
I do not know the right sort of a link and it is not clear to you at the forum how to do it.
If you are under 18 do not go to links
It has been a while since I have scoured the board and updating the masses on Frans Botha's whereabouts. I'm chillin' out and cruising the board and behold....I see a blast from the past!

Where in the hell was this thread dug up? Why didn't anyone notify me?

Classic the very least!
I wish I could see a picture of you, seriously all I picture in my head is the actual Botha sitting down and typing this shit. But then I realize, Botha's words aren't meant for mortal eyes to read, and they would probably burn my eyeballs out if they were actually typed by him
and the NEW
QUOTE(Jack 1000 @ Dec 26 2005, 05:36 PM) [snapback]179350[/snapback]

He provides some humor to the board but not something of a problem....yet. Obviously, if he turned into a troll we would lock his posts and would issue suspentions or a banning if he got further out of line.
Most users see him as providing off-set humor. I think everyone knows that when he talks about Botha or Briggs as top contenders that he is joking.



Perhaps you should revisit this post Jack.

This entire board has turned into a bunch of trolls. Very few legitimate posters out there these days. What is the point of discussing boxing, when there are open 'hate wagons' and trolling over every fighter? Very few boxing forums out there where you can, sadly perhaps, due to the nature of the sport, discuss in an adult manner, matchups, fighters and opinions, without crap flung around at everyone and blatant, see-through bias (or trolling).

I even saw yourself on a thread the other day swearing about a fighter and using words I would have NEVER expected from you.

Completely confused as to how things ever got so bad and how nobody else has seen it clearly degenerate.

Anyways, I'm not here for a flame war, so think what you want. Just wanted to bring up my views, which this post reminded me of how things used to be around here.

and the NEW
QUOTE(Fitz @ Feb 5 2009, 09:49 PM) [snapback]423986[/snapback]
You are a very insightful poster, but I think you look at Hawkins and those other classic posters as how boards should be, sadly they weren't too popular, though I loved to listen to them.

Hey Fitz, definately don't look at Hawkins and those as how boards should be (though TKO was good). Hawkins was a bit too arrogant and 'knew it all'. Just some intelligent, unbias, oldfashioned boxing debate. Without the swearing, bringing in people mothers, talking about hanging off ball sacks. I mean this stuff is for teenagers in high school. Completely worthless. This talk should be dedicated to the smack talk forum.

Unfortunately, mods like Jack, have been brought down a level and now let these things slide completely. Hence, my post.

Ah well, still have the Quartey V Mayorga thread, with some insightful football discussion at least wink.gif ha ha, will leave my boxing debate to real life people I suppose.

QUOTE(and the NEW @ Feb 5 2009, 09:16 PM) [snapback]424039[/snapback]
Without the swearing, bringing in people mothers, talking about hanging off ball sacks.

So, your fucking mother is hanging off my ballsac.....
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