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Full Version: Oscar De La Hoya vs Kid Gavilan..
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This would be easy for Gavilan I see him beating DLh any way he wants we'll maybe DLH can make it to the end but he'll get beat up pretty bad in the process.

Gvailan was on a completley different level than Oscar.
and the NEW
QUOTE(Nobudius @ Jun 23 2006, 02:57 AM) [snapback]250053[/snapback]
Or how they keep referring to the SRR of "old"....... in 1948. Wasn't he in his welterweight prime? Pretty interesting.

Nobudius, still around these parts?

This is also something I have heard mentioned about Robby around the same times. It sounds to me like the early 40s when he was first blasting Zivic, Angott and LaMotta were his prime years.

Perhaps after that he became a bit complacent and didn't give his all? Very interesting, have you read anything more about it?
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