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Full Version: Funny video (Street Fight)
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Just bumping this legendary thread.
Mean Mister Mustard
Anyone have that clip of a bunch of Turks fighting? It's 5 against one and the lone fighter backs up all the while knocking the 5 fuckers down. I think he even KOd 2 of them out cold. I'll see if I can find it.
Ahhh man.

That fight was awesome.

The sewer part was classic, then when the dude was on the floor, he ran over and did that 'kick'. What a fuckin shit kick! Hahahaha.

Those guys were absolute retards laugh.gif
that manhole cover had to leave a mark.
QUOTE(ElectricTwinkie @ Jul 16 2008, 03:16 PM) [snapback]395964[/snapback]
that manhole cover had to leave a mark.

At the end of the video (which I've watched 471 times), Manhole man bends over and his right arm - the one that got smashed by the cover - is all limp. I swear he broke it laugh.gif

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