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Full Version: Prime Mayorga At 147 vs Prime Quartey At 147
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I saw the game MAXY and though I thought Liverpool deserved to win, I think the 4-1 score was VERY UNFAIR... It was closer than that.

Liverpool basically wanted it more and they played faster and with more urgency. Gerrard of course was excellent, constantly proving that he's world class. Torres overpowered Vidic on that equalizing goal. Rooney was your guys' best player. He always looked a threat to score. Anderson was rather invisible despite his one moment playing in Park on a sweet pass that didnt' convert into a goal. Ronaldo was not his usual self despite scoring that sweet penalty finish. United's defense was unusually ragged, though. Surprisingly poor but I think thats a one off.

I know you must be devastated, MAXY. But I really wouldn't worry too much because you guys still have a game in hand and your more consistent than Liverpool who wouldnt surprise me if they draw next week at home against Villa.
PR, I'm totally devastated by the result on Saturday. In my life time we have never lost at home by such a margin to fact I think it was 76 years since a Liverpool team beat us so heavily at home. That hurts.

We had more possession, just as many attempts at goal and 6 or 7 more corners but at the end of the day, our most reliable player this season had a total nightmare. Vidic has been a rock and I won't turn on him for having such a bad day - I just wish he'd had it against any other team than them. Once he'd made that mistake which let Torres in for their first I think he fell apart. Even Evra played badly.

Having said that, the signs have been there. We looked poor in the second leg against Inter, it's just that they are a very poor team and we didn't make the same catastrophic mistakes in that match. We need a good performance on Saturday away at Fulham. Vidic is banned for two matches but he could probably do with the rest. Evans is a great understudy.

Champions league draw this Friday - Bring on the scousers....we NEED revenge.
Saw the United-Fulham match and I was totally shocked.

But I don't understad Ferguson. Why in the hell would he drop Rooney and Carrick when your looking for URGENCY and FLOW???... Giggs was awful. Misplaced passes and no control on the ball. The whole midfield was nonexistant. Berbatov was useless. Ronaldo in all fairness to him, some of his bitching and moaning was warranted because Pantsil as kicking him all evening and the referee did absolutely NOTHING.. Paul Scholes............... OH MAN... That was really bad... What was he thinking??... Once he was sent off, I had a feeling United would lose. Total stupidity. Even though in the 2nd half you guys came alive and nearly scored 3 goals, you could just see that the players were more interested in arguing with the refs and linesmen than actually playing football. Rooney then got himsef sent off for simply losing his head. He was actually one of the best players right when he got on the field. The 2nd Fulham goal was class. Can't say anything more. Now the title race is back on in the EPL it seems.

Valencia got an important win before the break so hopefully this gives the boys a chance to recoup some much needed energy to maybe, possibly push for 4th place.
Mate I'm trying to forget about the last couple of weeks. Hopefully we can come back refreshed and ready to re-ignite our season.

I hope Valencia can push for 4th also, and I also hope they can hang onto their best players. Man City and Liverpool are already sniffing around. Scum.
Oh man what the hell happened to Argentina!!???...

They got absolutely HUMILIATED against Bolivia 6-1. I only saw highlights, but Argentina looked woeful. I have never seen them look so bad. No attack threat it seemed and it was just sad to see them get it that bad. Maradona had no answers and his inexperience as a coach is showing now.

Spain got back to back victories over a stubborn Turkey with scores of 1-0 and 2-1. Admittedly Spain are not at their best either but I would honestly prefer that they save their best for the big tournaments.

How has England done??
Valencia now appear back to winning ways. They absolutely DRILLED Getafe 4-1. The attacking trio of Villa, Mata, and Silva hit all the right notes and they just couldn't contain the 3 of them. Fernandes was solid in the midfield and is being called the new Marcos Senna by some. I was proud of the constant scoring opportunities created to go along with all the possession. Solid performance by the defense too. If any of Villa, Mata, or Silva are going to be sold, then hopefully they go for the highest bidder so that Valencia can help themselves out of their debt. Of course I prefer they at Valencia and hopefully if the team is able to get a CL spot then maybe all will be well come Summer time. I hope no Valencia players go to Real Madrid. I honestly think I would vomit if I saw Villa in a Real Madrid shirt. Hell the mere thought of it makes me cringe.

How are things on your shores, fellas???..

Hey Fitz, how are you buddy?. Keeping contact with the guys through email now but I'll give you mine no problems or keep the thread alive. Either way is cool.

United are the rightful favorites. Their current form and defense probably gives them an edge. But Barcelona's style of quick one touch passing and lots of runs off the ball will give Man U some problems to deal with. I'll give a more detailed analysis later as they get closer to the game. But I think at the moment its a slight edge to United but to me there is no clear favorite. Either team can win.

Unsure about Ronaldo. He has a contract till 2012 I believe. His price would probably be at least 80 million and while Real have the money to do that, I really wonder why at this point Ronaldo would want to go there??... Madrid are in shambles at the moment and the only thing they bring to the table is money and early round exits from the Champions League. Plus with the way Barcelona are playing and with Valencia and Villareal getting better, I don't even think winning the Spanish league title is a guarantee for them anymore. Not for a while at least.
Its time for the big one....

I think both teams at FULL STRENGTH are as evenly matched as you could ask for. Barca have really been taking it easy since they won the title and have rested ALOT of players for this very match and as a result have lost their last couple of league matches. United have been in control in a big way since beating Arsenal in the semis but they can't afford to let up here if they want to win because Barca move the ball very fast.... Barca however have a problem because they're missing Alvez(Who contributes alot in attack), Abidal(Who can defend well and is fast), and Marquez(Though slow, strong and can pass very well)... That will leave Puyol to have to be superman in dealing with Berbatov, Rooney, and Ronaldo.

I believe United will be without Fletcher, and that may or may not be a huge factor. Barcelona will probably dominate possession. Xavi burns lots of time off the clock with his distributing and holding on to the ball. This shouldn't be any difference. On the wings, Iniesta and Messi are going to have to do the business and get the ball to Eto'o who is struggling, and Henry whom is recovering from an injury.

Its tight.. United are the slight favorites for me but in a game like this it doesn't mean anything because on both sides of the ball you have players that are difference makers. All of Ronaldo, Messi, Rooney, Eto'o, Henry, Iniesta, and Berbatov can make the difference here.

I think United just edges it in a tight one with lots of goals.

United win 3-2.
Buzzing big time about tonights game. Hopefully it’ll be a classic and United emerge victorious. Looking back at last years two semi finals against Barcelona, they outplayed us in both legs until they reached the final 3rd of the pitch where we negated their attacks - albeit only to sit back and wait for the next attack. There is no doubt about it, Barcelona will have more of the ball because they like to play a very quick passing game, lots of short passes. Watching them play Chelsea I thought that sometimes they were literally trying to walk the ball into the net. Chelsea just sat back, even more so than we did in last years games. Tonight I am pretty sure we will play Ronaldo through the middle because his pace can definitely worry Barcelona’s central defenders. I expect Rooney on the left and Park on the right, but they will probably inter-change. Evra needs to be at his best to stop the irrepressible Messi and Vidic and Ferdinand need to have blinders what with E’to and Henry coming at them. Iniesta and Xavi are both brilliant players so our midfield has to play at high energy….which begs the next question…how will the scorching heat affect the English based players? Surely it will be more detrimental to them than the Spanish based players who are used to hotter climates? Maybe.

Darren Fletcher, because of his high energy play is a big miss for us. I see the midfield playing 3 in the centre with Anderson and Carrick sure starters….will Giggs or Scholes get the nod as the 3rd man. Not sure but would prefer Giggs who is in better form. John O’Shea at right back will to be at his best to stop Henry, who although a bit slower than his premiership days, can still burn O’Shea for pace.

I’m nervous, I’m worried and I’m hopeful. I can’t predict a score, don’t want to tempt fate. I just hope it’s a great game and that there are no controversial refereeing decisions that take away from what should be a spectacular showpeice.
Well so much for my prediction...

Barca just played on such a high level that it was unbelievable to see. Xavi and Iniesta really controlled well in the midfield and Carrick seemingly had no help. Ferguson made a mistake though by subbing off Anderson for Tevez. It was in the midfield that United lost this game because Barca had numbers and United's midfield was just nowhere to be found. Had he kept Anderson in there, I think Xavi would have had a harder time roaming around and distributing at his leisure. Early on, United were superior. It looked to me like it was only a matter of time before they broke through, with Ronaldo missing some clear chances. Those 1st 10 minutes was beautiful football by United and then after the goal it all turned around. Vidic........ Wow.... Such a great player and expert defender just turned inside out by Samuel Eto'o who took that 1st goal so well. Definitely a game he'll want to forget... I thought Ferdinand for the most part did well but he did lose Messi on Barca's 2nd goal. Evra was active but couldn't create anything. Rooney was played out of position and though the workrate and effort was there, he really failed to create anything. Henry was brilliant for Barca despite missing that clear chance on goal. Iniesta gave them hell. I really thought United would find a way to mark him out with some physical play but were unable to keep him out of the game. His pass to Eto'o for the first goal was pure precision. Puyol indeed turned out to be Superman... Had Ronaldo frustrated all evening it seemed and it showed towards the end. He did everything.. Ronaldo is an emotional kid it must be said. When things don't go his way, he has a tendency to complain alot. Messi wasn't at his brilliant best but he gave headaches all night to United's defense. Eto'o was clinical with his shot on goal, and his off the ball runs really stretched the United defense. Xavi what can I say.... Might be the best pure midfielder in the world of football today... What do you think MAXY???... The guy is just a genius. Everything you want in a midfielder he can give you. He can pass, he can shoot, he can defend, he keeps possession, distributes, he can find the open lanes, and he leads. I think he was the best player out on that field today honestly. Just brilliant. Berbatov came on too late I think. I don't know if Park should have started. Seemed to me that Fergie wanted to take Barca's game and throw it right back at them. I know United attack too, but they were missing a midfield general tonight. This is probably where Fletcher was needed.

Anyway, take care fellas. I know you guys will be back, MAXY.. Too much talent and youth on that team to not be back next year.
Very disappointed. No excuses, the better team won but I do feel we didn’t do ourselves any sort of justice other than for the first 10 minutes, until they scored. Our midfield was very poor but Xavi and Iniesta are both supremely talented players and have the ability to dominate most teams. I was annoyed because we simply didn’t create anything after the first 10 minutes. The goal seemed to stun us to such an extent that we forgot all the basics that have been so successful for us this season. Park, Carrick, Anderson and Giggs all had nightmares. Basically we needed everyone to play at their best to have a chance in this game but sadly for us, they all under performed.

The introduction of Tevez at half time made sense but not for Anderson…Tevez could have come in for Park so that we didn’t lose our shape. We were already losing the battle in midfield so to reduce our quota in the centre of the pitch made no sense whatsoever. Barcelona are worthy winners though…they have been the best team in Europe this season and deserved to lift the trophy. Congratulations to them.

So what now for United? Carrick and Anderson play better with Fletcher on the pitch but in all honesty it probably wouldn’t have mattered last night. Giggs and Scholes are still capable in the league for certain games but against the very best they are no longer able to play like days gone by. We could have done with an Essien last night and next season I feel we need a strong and experienced midfielder to help complement Anderson and Carrick. Hargreaves might be back, but will he ever be fit for long enough to command a place in the team regularly? Probably not. I would like us to sign De Rossi from Roma. Class player who would slot in perfectly at United. Rooney needs to play in the hole - he’s too good to play wide left. Ronaldo….well maybe he’ll go…if he does we will need a winger. Berbatov has been poor, a complete let down. He plays so deep and rarely seems interested. Major disappointment. Tevez, maybe he’ll be off so we’ll need a striker and I’d like someone with pace, maybe Benzema if we can afford him.

All in all, despite the league title and the carling cup, I just don’t think we have really played that well this season. We’ve got results but the swagger and verve of past United teams has been missing. The next few months will be interesting.
Yeah Chelsea have made a £73.5m bid, a full £17m more than Madrid have offered. I have heard that despite statements to the contrary, the Madrid deal is already done and will be formally announced later this week or early next week. We'll see.

One thing for certian though, Madrid are still chasing Ronaldo and it looks like they won't give up until they get him. Not in the mood for another will-he-won't he saga though. If Ronaldo wants to go, let him go.
The big buzz in the Spanish league this transfer season is that newly elected President of Real Madrid, Florentino Perez has this "BIG PROJECT" designed to put Real back in the elite.

Supposedly, the targets are Ronaldo, Villa, Kaka, Xabi Alonso, Silva, and Ribery.... Makes no sense to me at all because thats not where their needs are IMO...

Pellegrini is the new manager at Real now, but I don't know how thats going to work. Much like Arsene Wenger, Pellegrini likes to have control of all sporting matters within the club including TRANSFERS, as far as who's in and who's out. He is not going to get that at Real Madrid that is nothing more than a soul less celebrity club these days. I don't think this is a marriage made in heaven.

Perez denies that Madrid are chasing Ronaldo but I think thats a bunch of nonsense if you ask me. Regardless of what Ronaldo's intentions are at the moment(I still insist he's staying at Old Trafford for the time being), I expect at some point during the coming months for Madrid to throw out at least 80 million for Ronaldo and that will be up to higher ups at United to decide but I think they won't sell.

The plan is to first sign Kaka apparentley but Real appear to be locked up in a war with Chelsea over his services. If we listen to the Spanish press(Or more particularly the Real Madrid press), then the deal is done and dusted for the most part with the only thing missing being the 'ok' from Kaka himself, which we'll supposedly get next Monday... I'll say this......

DON'T UNDERESTIMATE CHELSEA.... Last I heard Real had a 65 million offer for Milan for the player but Chelsea are rumored to be bidding in the 70 plus million range... I would not be the least be shocked(On the contrary I'd be thrilled) if Chelsea at the last minute manage to snag Kaka off their finger tips.

The next two targets appear to be Xabi Alonso and David Silva. Benitez INSISTS that Xabi Alonso is going nowhere... This could be a ploy to just get the price raised so that Liverpool can buy the players they want and this is where it gets interesting...

BOTH clubs have been chasing David Silva.. It is well known in Spain that Liverpool are ready to make him an offer and the word in Madrid is that Silva is even more a priority for Real than even David Villa, whom they will supposedly try to lure sometime in July after the issue of the Mestalla Stadium gets sold... Madrid are looking at 2 bidding wars already and possibly a 3rd if Man United decide to go after Frank Ribery.

This is going to be messy.
BTW MAXY, it looks like Valencia are coming to Old Trafford to play you guys in a pre-season friendly.;newsid=6633891 I'd be interested to see how tickets will be priced.

Should be interesting. Speaking of Valencia, we have a new President in Manuel Llorente and the best news I've heard all week is that he stated "Neither Villa nor Silva will be going to Real Madrid". He's a well known detractor of Madrid so thats good for us even if one or both is sold because they will not be going to those scum capitalists.

I'm hopeful that we can get into our new stadium soon but looks complicated at the moment.
Yeah I heard that Valencia were coming to Old Trafford this summer - question is, will they be bringing Silva and Villa with them or will both already be part of the new Madrid set up? Apparently Madrid are in advanced negotiations with Valencia over the signing of Villa. I know Valencia would rather the player went elsewhere but money talks and if Villa wishes to remain in Spain then the corrupt Madrid are his only option.

Finally the Ronaldo saga looks to be nearing closure. £80m is a ridiculous amount of money but if Ronaldo’s attitude this season hadn’t been so appalling I’m sure Ferguson would have turned it down. In todays climate the fee is even more amazing. Trouble is how does a team replace a player like Ronaldo? I keep reading all the usual suspects as in Ribery, Silva, Aguero and Benzema but I can’t truthfully see us signing any of those players. Maybe we’ll snap someone up like Alexis Sanchez…who really knows. I must say I’m pleased we have accepted this bid for Ronaldo though. His head and his heart are firmly set on joining the team he has always wanted to play for so it’s a good move all round.

The next few weeks will be very interesting.
David Villa looks to be Madrid bound too. I really don't understand how this Perez gets all this money. 65 million for Kaka, 80 plus for Ronaldo, and 40 something for Villa. Oh well. I'm like you MAXY, in that I say "if they wanna go, let them".

Silva looks to be staying at Valencia and in exchange for Villa plus cash, Madrid will give us Negredo, a good young striker but no Villa thats for sure.

United I heard we're interested in those players you mentioned MAXY. But I think Man U can play in different ways that don't involve Ronaldo and be succesfull. I think a world class striker that can put 20 plus goals a season is what you need, and maybe look to develop the likes of Nani and Park into more prominent roles.
I was hoping to avoid a soap opera but looks like its already begun. Maybe by the time you guys read this the deal will be done but as of now, here's what I'm hearing...

Negotiations with Valencia and Real Madrid are at a standstill.. Real are offering 25 million euros plus Alvaro Negredo(A very good player) in exchange for David Villa. The President Llorente has said NO.... He wants at least 30 million plus Negredo. Madrid are reportedly "giving up" but thats bullshit. But IMO, not a smart move on their part because this opens the door to other teams.

Either of Barcelona, Chelsea, or Man United could come next week and throw out 40 million euros and this will force Madrid to match the offers of those other clubs.

I'll say this, I know Villa would rather stay in Spain, but if Man United did come knocking on the door, I would be hard pressed to see him say no to them. Especially if Valencia accepts an offer.

Now in other news, it seems both Barcelona and Man United have asked about Juan Mata. I knew he would be a player that would attract attention because of his versatility and work ethic. Either of those clubs would do well if they signed him. I think Valencia would want at least 25 million for him.

The next few weeks will be interesting indeed.
So much talking, so many rumours but apart from Kaka and Ronaldo going to Madrid, not a lot else has happened in the last few days. Maybe we'll see Villa and Ribery at Madrid also in the next few weeks but who really knows what is going on?

United have been linked with about 15 players...some are appealing, some are untested and some are just not going to happen. I like the look of Douglas Costa but he's still raw, as is Eden Hazard...both have eye catching You Tube videos...never a good way to judge a player. Benzema is seemingly being put up for a bidding war...hopefully we'll be sensiible and pull out if the fee becomes too much (that's assuming we are still interested). Tevez to Man City (won't get as many games there as he did for us last season but he will play in all of their important games....Good riddance to him I say - he's not world class, he's back stabbed the manager and he's created this hero worship mentality from a portion of fans who like the idea that he runs around a lot, forgetting that he takes 3 touches to control the ball before invariably making the wrong choice as to what to do with it. Not a fan, as you may have guessed...

Anyway, we'll have to wait a while longer and then I see an explosion of transfers all kicking off together...
QUOTE (Fitz @ Jun 18 2009, 06:18 PM) *
Maxy, you have been one of the few Manchester supporters that have disliked Tevez. I even have friends that support Liverpool, that rate him and would love him there, though there isn't much room for him there as they have players already that play similar roles.

To be honest with you I just got fed up with Tevez articles in the papers saying how badly he felt he was being treated and how Ferguson had made tactical errors in certain games. It got annoying.

Tevez is a good player, yeah, but he most definitely isn't world class and for the £26m his advisor is demanding I'm sure we could get a more effective player for that money.

On the last day of the season when Ferguson was giving his speech there were a large bunch of moronic fans who drowned him out by chanting, "Fergie, Fergie sign him up!" It was disrespectful to the manager. Now maybe Tevez will stay but all the signs point to him going to Man City...

Without Tevez in the squad but with a more direct striker as a replacement, I feel we will do better.....remembering we need a goalscorer because with Ronaldo leaving, we are losing a lot of our goals.

Tevez isn't a goalscorer, certainly not prolific anyway...

Wayne Rooney will deliver 25 goals next season if Fergie plays him in his true position but with Tevez to think about and Ronaldo being the main man, Rooney kept getting played out of position. I just hope we see him up front and not on the wing next season...
Since the last time I posted here, its all been the same. Lots of talk lots of rumors, nothing of substance.

Latest being that "Madrid have given up on David Villa". I think its a lame strategy on their part to pressure the club's president to sign away Villa at a cheap price. Real's offer was 25 millon plus Alvaro Negredo but Valencia want 35 million and thats where it has ended.

Supposedly Barcelona are laying low in the wait until they either extend Samuel Eto'o or sell him to the highest bidder, which could be Man United or Inter Milan. And if they do sell Eto'o, its expected that they offer at least 40 million for Villa in which Valencia may accept but we'll have to see.

Ronaldo will soon be presented officially at Madrid and thats a day that is very highly anticipated by many people.

MAXY and Fitz, do you guys believe Nani is ready to take over for Ronaldo the way he claimed a few weeks ago??
Spain had a bit of an off night and the Americans played to the best of their ability and beat them 2-0,. It was deserved but I think the Spanish players are suffering from the long season. They need rest. They looked slow and tired throughout. No excuses because USA deserved it but on their best day, I have no doubt Spain beats them.
PR316, I’m not at all convinced by Nani and certainly don’t see him anywhere near the level Ronaldo showed even 4 years ago so I can’t see him having much of a future at the club, as a first team player anyway. He’s showed glimpses of ability as well as scoring a handful of eye catching goals but his decision making and his tendency to disappear from games is a big worry. Fergie signed Tosic in January and I’ve not been able to judge him at all really….he looks very small and very weak, like he can easily be pushed off the ball by the bustling physical players over here. Danny Welbeck has featured on the wing a few times and I think he looks to have potential, although it’s too early for him at the moment.

The signing of Valencia hasn’t excited me either. To replace Ronaldo we will need an Aguero type player and there simply isn’t any of those around. Aguero wants to stay in Spain which is fair enough, Ribery only wants to play for Madrid and anyone else is nothing more than a good prospect for the future. What are we going to do? I have no idea. Rumours of Micheal Owen coming here disgust me….I hope they are not true.

Gutted to lose out on Benzema. I really think we should have wrapped him up before selling Ronaldo but such is life. The other clubs are enjoying things at the moment, laughing at United claiming we can’t afford anyone because the money for Ronaldo has gone on the debts we have. Could be true but hopefully Fergie has something lined up. We desperately need a proven goalscorer with pace but where are they? I just can’t see what Fergie can do. Douglas Costa keeps being linked with us but for £18.5m it is too much of a gamble on a player who is still so raw and who might not adapt to the premier league.

Every day I see another top star linked with Madrid and it’s really bad for football the way they are spending all this money they don’t have and paying these astronomical wages to the players. Oh well, we’ll have to see what the future holds…..
lloyd mayflower
Nani might have a future in providing a michael jackson lookalike but as a man u player, no chance. what happened to the rumours about david silva? not heard much of that recently. hed be a good signing
I hate what Madrid have done with the transfer market. They've totally inflated it and now every club is demanding crazy money for their top players. Sadly, Valencia CF included.

David Villa may be on his way to Barcelona. He's all but informed the club he wants to leave and though it'll be tough to convince the higher ups of the club, thats the key for Villa to get his wish. I'll be sad to see him go but since he does want to leave, then I think that prolonging this will just put a club thats trying to rebuild in a more difficult situation. Its time for Villa to go. I personally hope that Valencia accept Barcelona's proposal of 40 million and use some of that money for a good signing, and the rest to the debts. I'll always love and respect Villa for what he did for us. I'll never forget him. But its time to let him go and play for a top club like Barcelona.

I hope Valencia CF do the right thing.
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