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Jack 1000


Rivado and Hitman,

Can we just send lists to each of you to speed up the process instead of having to wait for everyone to get their picks in live?

Send list in though both PM/e-mail formats? Things will go faster that way.


1.) A big tip from last year: Everyone should have a choice of between 30-50 fighters. (30 minimum) You can use any database or online source to help you with fighters that you can't think of off the top of your head.

2.) Think of like 15 guys that you really want and than work down from that point.

3.) Do your list in any word processing program and save your changes. Print out your lists. Than you have verification of who you picked.

4. The more fighters you have on your list, the better you have of getting your 10 choices. Remember that the most popular names get picked first.



Jack 1000
Just a reminder everyone,

When you are sending your lists:

THE MORE FIGHTERS YOU HAVE ON YOUR LISTS, THE BETTER. I had said 30 as a minimum, but you really should try to come up with around 50 fighters. Last year, people were sending us lists with only 15 fighters on them! THAT WON'T WORK! Your spots would be taken up quickly by other people, (especially if those are popular fighters) and you could be out of choices with only 15 fighters by the Second Round picks:


1.) E-mail AND PM your lists to Rivado AND Hitman Harding. You can also CC copies of them to me. This way we are sure to get them. (E-mail contacts are at the bottom of the first post in the General Boxing Section: The Forum Rules/Suggestions Thread.)

2.) Word Process your lists for easy editing when deciding on your draft orders.

3.) Save your lists to your computers AND an external data source. (CD or DVD Rom, even a Floppy) any secure on-line data source.........anything as long as you can retrieve them.

3.) You will have 10 fighters (10 rounds=1 fight pick for each round of the draft.) BUT you will need MANY FIGHTERS on the lists as alternates because this draft is on a first come first served basis.

4.) How long it takes to complete the draft will depend on many factors:

a.) The time element for all of us in putting this together.

b.) The number of lists we receive per players in the draft.

c.) The number of fighters on each list.

d.) Than of course there are other issues like computer, e-mail/PM, site reliability, outside commitments of everyone...ect.

I WOULD ESTIMATE THAT IT COULD TAKE AT LEAST A WEEK. I BELIEVE WE WERE LOOKING AT DECEMBER 2ND AS AN END DATE, BUT THAT IS UP TO RIVADO AND HITMAN HARDING. (THE DATE WHEN EVERYONE'S PICKS ARE IN.) Watch this thread for updates and announcements as the draft is going on. The information contained within will keep you informed.

LIKE LAST YEAR, WE WILL PLAN TO HAVE EVERYONE'S ORIGINAL 10 FIGHTERS LISTS ACCESSIBLE TO YOU IN THIS FORUM FOR AWHILE AND THAN AFTER EVERYONE HAS SEEN THE LISTS FOR SEVERAL WEEKS, WE WILL MOVE IT TO THE FANTASY LEAGUE FORUM. A possibility might be having Ben set up a link on the home page with quick access to everyone's lists. But we will have to check to see if he wants to do that. At the very least, everyone will be able to see everyone's lists in the forums when data is completed.

Rivado or Hitman Harding,

If you could, please PM/E-mail anyone who may need more fighters on their lists so they could complete their draft selections, that would be cool! Thanks guys for all of your help, and also to our wonderful users for their generous support of!

Stay tunned. And Happy Thanksgiving to all!



Jack 1000
FYI:Fight Hype Fantasy Boxing League Updates for 2008

Just a reminder. At the request of our Fantasy League Contest Moderators, we have updated the information to reflect the changes for the 2008 Fantasy League contest.


Jack 1000
FYI: Titlebelt now has Moderator Status to assist us with the regulation of the Fantasy League Contest.


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