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QUOTE (SENTRAL @ May 23 2010, 09:15 AM) *
One of those dayum clinchers just inflicted 674 injury points on my young smuck. Finished a career before it starts.

I'm starting a campaign to ban clinchers!

What is your gym name?
QUOTE (Maxy @ May 23 2010, 03:34 PM) *
What is your gym name?

Conquistadors and I take this thing serious so I hate to lose any fight.
Update from conquistadors - just spotted I am 2nd in the win percentage standings AND I missed a week from being busy at work. I WILL have some champions of my own soon so beware.
Wasn't aware this league was still going on
QUOTE (ghost13 @ Jul 10 2010, 05:19 PM) *
Wasn't aware this league was still going on

Yeah mate it's still alive....

Next weekend Harry Angus looks to avenge his defeat to Giant Man III and Reggie "The Kiss" Hope goes for his 100th win!
World Heavyweight Championship
Giant Man III(70-18-0 70KOs) vs. Mike "The Salvo" Colls(18-0-0 16KOs)
August 7, 2010
One of my high hopes suffered a crushing set back today but look out for the name Lafayette Bunnell who will become my first champion.
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