Im tired of hearing these people here talk about Chavez only fighting cans like if that was all he did during his career. Every up in coming fighter fight cans at first, Chavez fought many tomato cans on his way up but that was cause he had basicaly no amatuer expiernce he had something like 12 fights I believe just like Jr he was learning on the job. Im not sure if your familiar with the amatuer boxing program in mexico it's nothing like it is here in the states basicaly it's garbage thats why you see most mexican fighters turning pro at such a young age unlike here in the states the amatuers do nothing for them that and the fact that the majority of the fighters are lookingto make $$$.

Look at Andre Ward who had tons of amatuer expirience and won Gold yet every single fight he'as had has been agianst bums.

Sanchez IMO is right behind Chavez he died too young and there for didn't have the longevity Chavez enjoyed. His wins over Gomez, Laporte, Lopez, and Nelson were impressive we'll he struggled with a green Nelson but eventualy was able to put him out.

Chavez beat prime fighters in Mayweather(twice), Rosario, Ramirez, laporte, Lockridge, Taylor(twice), Camacho, Haugen, and Lopez he fought the best and beat the best during his prime.