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Full Version: Tito Trinidad vs Carmen Basilio..
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Just watched the two Robinson V Basilio fights, good god, one of those left hooks you could actually see Basilios eyes roll back in his head and that sound of throwing a cupcake against a wall, just a puff (like the brain squishing).
I think Basilio would win this fight..Basilio can take a monster punch and I don't see Trinidad KOing him..Basilio would definitely bother Trinidad with his uppercut..

Robinson carried a lot of fighters back then(it's estimated he carried 40 guys)..If he didn't do this,he may of been KO king over Archie Moore,but we'll never know..I think Archie would have still KO'd more(there are still fights unaccounted for that Archie had) but I think Robinson would have came extremely close..

Trinidad had a lot of power but I favor SRR in power..SRR definitely had a better left hook..
Basilio was tough as nails but he lacked in the skill department. Tito loved it when you came straight at him he might not stop basilio but his harder more sharper punches would bust Carmen up pretty bad.

Tito by UD.
I don't know if Tito would bust him up (I am a Tito fan BTW). Carmens body work may well spell disaster to Tito & his compact body would do quite well on the inside provided he could get in there & stay in there. Tito would need to use his 1-2 & keep this at a distance. That said Tito was always partial to a never gonna have kids ball shot to get him out of trouble so it could end in a DQ.
In order to beat a prime Tito you had to out speed him ala DLH or fight a technial battle ala Hopkins Basilio won't go either route he would stand an trade with Tito and get hurt big time in the process.

Basilio was as tough as they came and i can see his bodywork playing out like you said but his lack of defense, speed and skill would be he his downfall.
Overall, I think Basilio was a better fighter at welterweight, and there's always a chance that Tito's early round vulnerability puts him in the way of some of Basilio's slugging for a stoppage.

But despite Basilio being better, I think style-wise this is a good fight for Tito, who could box nicely when he needed to. If he could avoid being dragged into a war, he could nick it on points.

But Carmen Basilio is still higher up the welterweight food chain than Tito.

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