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Full Version: What's happening with Fedor?
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Fedor has been hurt, against mark hunt for example, but he showed composure and came through.

can we post youtube vids here? Ive found a really funny fedor vs gonzaga cartoon
Bill The Butcher
I would imagine it is okay to show "youtube" videos here, because I'm pretty sure 'The Hype' uses "youtube" to show some of his video interviews, if not all of them. But I could be wrong.
Not gonna happen. Fedor still wants to compete in sambo tourneys....etc.

In an exclusive comment to on Friday, UFC president Dana White said that his recent meeting with representatives of Pride heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko did not bring UFC any closer to signing the superstar free agent.

When asked how the Emelianenko meeting went, White said "it didn't go well," but declined to discuss details.

"I don't like to talk about contract negotiations with the public -- but it didn't go well," White said. "These guys are crazy."

The complete interview conducted by contributor Sam Caplan will be published on early next week.

While White did not give details, he indicated in the forthcoming interview that the meeting was not successful. That contradicted initial reports that people close to Emelianenko thought the meetings went well.

Since then, Emelianenko representatives have indicated to other publications that the negotiations are basically stuck where they've been for months -- with UFC offering big money, but insisting on exclusive rights to Emelianenko.

Emelianenko's camp is said to be happy with the money UFC is offering, but is adamant that Emelianenko must be allowed to fight for other promotions in addition to UFC, particularly in his native Russia.
Bill The Butcher
I'll say money talks. Eventually Fedor and his management will give in. My prediction is he will sign with the UFC. When? I have no idea.
Word on the streets....

Just found out Fedor "may" have signed a 4 fight 1.8 million dollars per fight deal with UFC. He will also be able to participate in sambo matches. Not sure what other perks are into the deal.

... this is what I'm hearing right now and it won't be announced until ufc 75.

Bill The Butcher

I want to see Fedor VS. Couture for his first fight. I think if anyone can upset Fedor, it could be Randy Couture. His clinch, takedowns, dirty boxing, ground and pound with elbows, and his octagon control could give Fedor problems. Especially if it is Fedor's first fight in the UFC, under new rules and in an octagon.

Needs to happen soon. Randy is 44.

I'll be rooting for Couture. I have been a fan of his ever since he whooped up on Belfort the first time. I can't jump on Fedor's bandwagon yet. I've only seen a few fights of his.
These are pretty funny for anyone familiar with streetfighter vid games

Gonzaga vs Tim Sylvia

Gonzaga vs Fedor

Arlovski vs Congo
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