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Full Version: Hopkins and Wright brawl at weigh-in
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Two things: One, fightnews listed Hopkins' purse as being $3M which to me seems kind of low, no?

Second, I have my doubts as to whether or not this was staged... do you really think Hopkins would have staged such an incident if he thought it could possibly result in a fine and/or suspension?
I don't think they'll fine Hopkins at the end of the day. It was a nothing incident really, made to look worse by the bodyguards jumping in on things.

They may opt to suspend him but that won't have any impact because he's not going to be back in the ring soon (if at all) anyway.
QUOTE(The Original MrFactor @ Jul 21 2007, 01:21 AM) [snapback]349921[/snapback]
Anybody else think that shiznit looked staged?!?! I wonder what the tkt sales for the fight look like? I wont be buying the PPV, so I wonder if this was a last ditch effort to get cats like me to buy it? Also, wouldnt be surprised to see Winky join GBP after this fight.

I think Winky is with GBP.
Staged? Why would Winky let Nard bitch slap him? Would you let someone bitch slap you? This isn't wrestling. It was not staged. I'm sure Nard planned on it but Winky wasn't in on it. It was all Nard and this is what he does. B Nard likes to fuck with your head
I just read Bernard may be fined 10 percent of his purse or possibly suspended. If it was staged it was a very poorly planned move...
It wasnt staged, its just that Hopkins has no class. Its stupid getting that close to someone if you're in the street where there are no rules but in boxing, that shouldnt happen because 99% of the time the one getting hit doesn't expect it because most people know that is low class.

I got Winky by UD. He will simply outwork Bernard.

By the way, why is the damn undercard so damn weak???
Nice clip Fitz.

A bit of excitement at the presser is bound to get some press so it's a win-win for the promoter. Definitely worth asking the main eventers to get in each other's faces but you wouldn't want it to go too far and have one of them arrested before the fight.

It's a risk becuase fighters are fighters and when you piss them off then anything can happen. There is a fine line from a survival instinct perspective between a controlled situation and chaos when you are dealing with fighters.

In this situation, I think it was pretty low risk to end in chaos as these guys have been there and done that many times before. They are also focussed on their roles in promoting the event and their future earning power.

In short, nothing is truely staged when it comes to boxers because you don't know how it's gonna pan out. This one didn't get outta hand - both guys were still acting consciously and the situation was easily controlled.
QUOTE(JohnnyG @ Jul 21 2007, 05:06 PM) [snapback]350016[/snapback]
I got Winky by UD. He will simply outwork Bernard.

Just curious as to what you've seen out of Winky that would ever lead you to believe he'd beat ANYONE off of workrate, especially a late-fight master like Hopkins. Winky has always had a tendancy to fade late into a fight, harkening back to his early days against guys like Julio Cesar Vasquez, on down to his fight with Fernando Vargas, who was able to secure a victory after coming on hard in the championship rounds. This has been a constant problem in Winky's career, and something he hasn't been able to improve, even when the outcome is hanging in the balance, ala his fight with Jermain Taylor.

No sir. If Winky wins this fight, it won't be off of work-rate. The only way I see a Wright victory is if Winky builds up a large enough lead early in the fight that he can coast in the later rounds to a MD or SD. However, I've seen nothing out of Hopkins that leads me to believe that he'll simply piss away the early rounds through inactivity as he did against Jermain Taylor. As I said before, Hopkins has looked great at this higher weight and I fully expect him to put it on the Wankster from the opening bell to the final one.
In his mind. But was it an agreement. LOL.
Of course you say it's for promotion now. If it WASN'T, you look like psycho that needs to pay cash. Any attemkpt to try and label this at this point is kind of GAY!
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