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Full Version: Documentary about Cuban amateurs
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Don Flamenco
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Victory is Your Duty

The Issue
In the past seven Olympic Games, Cuba, an island nation with a population of 11 million people, has dominated the sport of boxing: 32 medals, 26 gold. Boxing has held a special place of honor in Cuban society since the Revolution, not least because Castro has deployed the nation's athletes as an unconventional tool of foreign and domestic policy. Sport propels the nation onto the world stage - allowing it to break out of economic and political isolation into a very public and superficially apolitical arena. While the country has never had the military might to challenge the U.S., it has found a way to compete inside the ropes of the boxing ring. Now, as Castro's faltering health has thrown the future into question, Cuba's athletes, as well as the rest its citizens will face a crucial time of transition. While the shift of power from Fidel to his brother Raul seems to have gone smoothly, there are some indications that changes in economic policy may lie on the horizon.

short youtube clip

Thanks, Don, I will check this out.
Boss Hogg
QUOTE(Don Flamenco @ Jul 24 2007, 04:46 PM) [snapback]350822[/snapback]

It's music to my ears hearing about more of these young men escaping..... Cubano baby!!!!
Don Flamenco
Yeah I heard it was bad, but I didn't know they had to resort back to using horse drawn carriages! Someone tell Michael Moore to move his ass to cuba where you can make more money showing tourists around than practicing medicine. shok.gif
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