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Full Version: Andre Berto
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is going to be on Friday Night Fights tomorrow. If you haven't seen him before, he's fun to watch. The Chazz Whitherspoon fight might be interesting also. Neither has had much in the way of competition, but should still be some nice KO's.
You're right. Obviously Berto is one of the most highly, if not the most highly, touted prospects in the game, but Witherspoon is part of the paltry group of American heavyweight prospects that includes Eddie Chambers, Malik Scott, and Cris Arreola. I'm looking forward to watching both of them.
Check the part in this clip where he hits the lanky guy and he ends up in the crane position like he's going to do some Karate Kid action:
The Original MrFactor
Maybe Berto will be the one to step up and fight Paul Williams...
Milk Dud
Berto I think is fighting David Estrada next if he gets past Cosme (shouldn't be an issue)

Berto is pretty good and has an explosive style, but he needs better defense and more lateral movement. Whenever I see him fight I see his laft hand just dangling by his waste. When he fights a guy with a good left hook or left cross then that's not going to be a good thing for him. If he were to work on that and step up his opposition soon then he might be the next big thing in boxing.
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