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Full Version: IBF Heavyweight Eliminator
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Povetkin Owns All

These are two fights that I want to see: Povetkin/Byrd and Brock/Chambers. Byrd will assuredly be the toughest test for the young super-prospect, but I have to pick him. Povetkin won't be exposed against a fighter like Byrd whose size isn't enough to deter him from his onslaught of fast, combination punching. It'll take someone like Klitschko or another big, skilled heavyweight to potentially do that. As for Brock/Chambers, this is great. I think if Eddie Chambers is going to be taken seriously as the top, young American heavyweight he needs to be making this kind of fight. I give him his propers for beating Dominic Guinn on ShoBox earlier this year and this is a logical step.

I'll admit, I don't see a scenario where Povetkin doesn't come out of this thing the winner. I'd pick him to beat all three of these guys, but obviously I'm a homer for him. Even given that, I fear that if this in fact comes to fruition that he'll be beaten, not sure how soundly, by Wlad. I know Povetkin has made a career out of moving along quickly, but I wonder if this is too fast. Regardless, it's wonderful that he wants to press it so much; it shows a great desire to improve and be the best.

Supposing that he doesn't win, it still clears up the picture somewhat in terms of contenders. I'd hope Chambers would take it should Povetkin fail to do so.
Povetkin looks like a child in a man's body...the kind that are 6' 220 at age 12 and don't change 'til they're 30 with a Beer gut...

Like a corn fed country boy...y'all know the type...the kid faced hoss..

Big Slim Sweet
This is a nice bit of news for the heavyweight division, considering the talk before had Byrd and Brock fighting to become the IBF mandatory, with the winner receiving a completely unnecessary rematch against Wlad. This way now we get to see two prospects in the division (probably the top two right now) each facing the stiffest tests of their respective careers, and should they both win, we get to see them fight each other for the right to fight the man. How can you not like it?
These sound like AWFUL matchups to me.....

Byrd and Brock belong NOWHERE near Wlad any time soon. Chambers is about as exciting as Byrd. The only guy I don't know much about it the Russian dude....but he looks green from his record and would have to be a ?. Beating Donald by UD is pretty decent....but I did not see the fight.....

IMHO....they would do better to put named opponents in with these guys, despite age.

Povetkin/Rock is more interesting than he and Byrd....

Brock/Tua would be interesting....

I don't think Chambers has anything interesting to bring to a matchup....Chambers/Byrd might be ok as far as a mirror image style matchup of old and new.

I don't know....Chambers/Brock and Povetkin/Byrd just seem like boring fights right out of the gate....although only SLIGHTLY better than Brock/Byrd.
It may be that the IBF couldn't get other fighters to fill the spaces. I agree that Wlad fighting either Brock or Byrd, especially Byrd, again is no good. However, I really do want to see two of the best prospects in the division have a chance to show what they've got. There's no guarantee that Wlad will even fight the winner; he may just give up the belt. Hell, there's no guarantee these fights even come off.

I just have to imagine that Povetkin will show everyone why he has so many of us excited. If he doesn't, then at least we'll know.
Jack 1000
Don't know why thread was closed. Anyways, I opened it again. As far as the topic goes, this does illustrate the weakness of the heavyweight division, even when activity exists within it. It may be a long time before this division is unified.


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