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I'm a writer in the service and here is some of my published work on boxing. Me and co-worker were having the ol' boxing vs. ufc debate what we came up with. It's short because we were only alotted roughly 700 words. Thoughts and comments.

MMA arm bars Boxing's Chance of Recapturing Prominence
By MC3 Henry Vorderbruggen
Many analysts in the sports world note the meteoric rise of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), as a sign of the imminent fall of boxing. It could be argued the two organized fighting disciplines may exist in harmony, but it is necessary to defend MMA from its critics, especially boxing fans who feel threatened by the more complete, more popular sport of MMA.
As a former wrestler, I see boxing akin to how the Minutemen probably viewed the British army, marching in straight lines, easy to slaughter if you didn’t play by their rules. Boxing is what it is, a sometime entertaining sport and something I’ve always enjoyed watching.
What can be attributed to boxing’s demise is the internal conflicts and corruption seen in the sport since its early days. The dispersion of committees that govern the belts has created a veritable cornucopia of champions and virtually no household names. The corruption of greedy promoters who have their hooks in boxing makes for questionable outcomes, contenders out of nobodies, and an overall jaded feeling by its ardent fans.
What MMA has done, mostly through the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), is base their fledging sport off everything that’s wrong in boxing. By organizing the weight classes and adopting a set of rules similar to other sanctioned combat sports, the UFC and other MMA leagues have filled the void created by boxing’s self-inflicted wounds. Dana White, a former boxing promoter and UFC President, knows what fans want to see and simply provides what boxing refuses to.
This debate is a lot like the one that’s been going on over NCAA football and the Bowl Championship Series, literally for decades. Because of the way the bowl’s are sponsored and the immense amount of money each sponsor, school, and booster program receives by the current organization of the bowl series, year after year, college ‘championship’ teams are determined NOT by a playoff like EVERY OTHER SPORT, instead, they are selected almost randomly against other marketable teams in a variety of bowl games played across the country—a dynamic that shamelessly exploits both fans and players.
If the people in charge of boxing would just realize, if they changed the organization of the sport, they could make so much more money than they do right now. Boxing could gain millions of new fans and immerge as a powerhouse in the commercial sports world. It has legions of fans that are waiting in the wings for the time when those in control will finally wake up to their senses and smell the money. Meanwhile, the UFC smells blood…

Boxing Bludgeons the Big Bad Karatemen
By MC1 Hodges Pone III
When we accepted this debate about “Which is better, boxing of mixed martial-arts,” I had an unshakable feeling about every counter-point my opponent would use against me. After reading his well written response, I jumped up and pick “Mega-Million” lotto numbers, because my psychic powers started acting up.
He’s looking at the game with the view of a 6-year-old running through the Smithsonian. If he slowed down and looked at the paintings, he would see the art for what it is.
When I hear of people knocking the art of boxing for being ancient, could I assume these folks would take a Warhol over the Sistine Chapel?
Flat out, boxing is pure poetry in motion. A canvas painted with the subtle footwork, shoulder rolls and elusiveness. Don’t believe me? Watch Robert DeNiro, portraying Jake LaMotta, gracefully dance the ring during the opening credits of “Raging Bull.”
As in with mixed martial-arts (MMA), I feel as if I am on the observation level in methadone recovery ward because its athletes don’t have a rhythm to them.
Boxing doesn’t allow all of the attacks you see in MMA, but for what the sport lacks in strikes it more than compensates in technique. Defensive wizardry doesn’t quench our primal thirst as much, but the name of the game is “hit and not get hit.” Of course a “slugfest” like Diego Corrales vs Jose Louis Castillo I is refreshing.
As for confusion of “who’s the man,” there are a lot of championship councils thinking they are doing the right thing by the fighters. There is always a chance to unify in boxing. Can the same be said for the UFC fighters and Elite eXtreme Combat fighters? Only time will tell.
As for mixed martial arts organizations, superstars are almost born overnight. One exciting knockout and you’re all over “Yougoogle” and an instant celebrity. Where will the fans be after you’re knocked out in your next big fight? Mirko Cro Cop, anyone???
I would like to close with this, no one knows whether MMA will overrun boxing or if it will be reserved for late night on ESPN2 like the K-1 Kickboxing competitions. Time will be the ultimate determination of what will happen and as of 1891, men in mitts have pounded the competition.
Jack 1000
This is excellent work, Hodge.

Thank you for sharing.

Ha looks re alley interesting, I will read it but comment later. I enjoy writing myself.
Hay looks realley interesting, I will read it but comment later. I enjoy writing myself.
Thanks fellas.
Good work. I personally hate the debate of Boxing vs MMA because it just wont go away, i think that there is enough room in the globe for both Sports to survive and enjoy fans, I know I have a Zab tyson sig, but I would like to have one with Mirco cor cop and GSP. But again good writing.
Boxing vs MMA is getting tired. Neither is "dead" or superior as they are totally different.

Nice job! MMA is stealing the younger fan base. We still do not know what will be of boxing 10-20 years down the line. Maybe as they grow old their taste will change toward boxing.
QUOTE(BrutalBodyShots @ Jul 31 2007, 09:17 PM) [snapback]351908[/snapback]
Boxing vs MMA is getting tired. Neither is "dead" or superior as they are totally different.

Agreed. We were just playing around in the office and had to fill space in the paper. There are a lot of good fights in both and we're to the point where we swap pay-per-views. I'm learning some of the holds of MMA and I can explain to him why a fighter such as Pernell Whitaker can be just as exciting as a Miguel Cotto.
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