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Full Version: Zab Judah calls out Maussa, Running Man and Cotto
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"Bring them chumps on knowhatimsayin! After I knock this fool Taylor out, you 3 are next. Time to avenge my losses nahmean"
Carlos Maussa responds via interpreter...

"Relax, my'll live longer....for if we fight will surely die."
QUOTE(Miguel Cotto - World Jr. Welterweight Champion)


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Jack 1000
Hahahahaha!!!! This is GREAT funny shit!!! Nice idea guys.

Man that Judah guy is a draw...

So in this moment my man Jab Judah (4-3) announces that he will move down to Junior Welterweight and call out Zab "Super" Judah. That would be the biggest fight to ever happen in Brooklyn!
Hearing this news, Zab accepts the challenge of his cousin, Jab.

"Yo Jab, muhfucka, you think you da king of brooklyn!?!? you think you the best Judah in the world? you wrong FOO'! I'ma prove to the world that Jab is a bum, knowhatimean! Ima whoop you BROOKLYIN style, knahmean? And Maussa, I aint forgot yo ugly ass. bring it on! you aint got shit on the Judah's. My daddy Yoel gonna whoop you!"
QUOTE("Running Man" - Former Welterweight World Champion)
Fuck all them Judah bastards!

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