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Full Version: The Official The 0 Must Go Thread - 36 Chambers Edition
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Who dares to take the 0 from the superstar fighters that reside in the 36 Chambers of Death Gym? Is it you? You? Will it be you??

Who dares to step into the ring with the following undefeated phenoms!

CyruS "Touch oF SleeP" ViruS (12-0-0 6KOs - World Light Heavyweight Champion, Former Super Middleweight & Jr. Middleweight World Champion

Miguel Cotto (10-0-0 5KOs) - World Jr. Welterweight Champion

CyruS "Here We Go" ViruS (12-0-0 9 KOs) - World Bantamweight Champion & Former Jr. Bantamweight World Champion

State your business and we shall see if you are worthy.
"Iron" has CLEANED out the division...

Lanky Gawn will fight Shawn Bradley in a tune up then next week will be the BIGGEST match.

Cotto is unstoppable.


Joan Guzman has issued a challenge to Here We Go..

"You ducked me once before fool, I'm gonna move up and beat you silly."
QUOTE(Here We Go - World Bantamweight Champion)
Your challenge is accepted. Sign the contract and soon you will be added to my soon to be Hall Of Fame Career aswell.

I see there is no one worthy to step up. It's ok, I wouldn't want to fight those beasts either. aggressive.gif
If Zab beats Mike about a Cotto a rematch?
Zab will probably fold under the pressure against Taylor. If Zab can come back with a W against him we can talk. Did you know Cotto uses full grown adult horses as punching bags and knocks them out for training? That is beast like quality power.
Zab will give Taylor a beating man...I'm sure of that. If you decide to gvie Zab a shot...think of it more as a tune up defense while the TOP contenders build themselves up... laugh.gif

If Zab losses this fight, he's done. If he wins...he's back as a contender.

Zab has taken on some TOUGH competition.

In his first 7 fights, he fought 6 world champions. He went 1-6. Won 3 straight, lost to one of the BEST prospects who beat The Spy in Mike Taylor......Now let's see what he does in the rematch. If He losses, I will retire him.

Actually on 2nd thought, Zab will take on other contenders first around where he's ranked right now IF he beats Taylor. Then in a few fights when Zab improves, let him fight Cotto.
I guess we should pay some attention for Odlanier Solis Fonte (3-0-0) taking the 0 of top prospect James Toney (2-1-0) by knocking him the fuck out!

Lets say in another 20 fights Solis is ready to take the 0 from Iron aggressive.gif
Also got to pay attention to light heavyweight prospect Lebron "The Wizard" Puba (5-0-0). If he can beat Jean Pascal in his next bout he'll be a genuine contender.

First post updated, the 0's still stand!
UPDATED cray.gif

IRON cray.gif cray.gif
Don Flamenco
Holy shit!!!!!!!!!!

Iron lost?!
QUOTE(Don Flamenco @ Aug 19 2007, 03:55 AM) [snapback]354489[/snapback]
Holy shit!!!!!!!!!!

Iron lost?!

There's a new thread about it cray.gif
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