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Full Version: JMM vs Barrios
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Anyone heard that Barrios is out of this fight?
Is this true?
I haven't heard this rumor either. I probably wouldnt order this fight anyway, but it could be a pretty good scrap.
Yeah, I read that he is out.

One story is that he cannot make 130, the other is that he has an eye injury.

Sounds like Guzman may get the call.
QUOTE(JD @ Aug 5 2007, 08:45 PM) [snapback]352817[/snapback]
Yeah, I read that he is out.

One story is that he cannot make 130, the other is that he has an eye injury.

Sounds like Guzman may get the call.

If this is true, chalk up another Marquez brother losing his belt. Guzman will KO J.M.M!!!
Just read they're tryin to work out a deal for a Chris John rematch instead of Guzman.
I think Marquez is too much for Guzman right now. Joan is slick, but I wouldn't say he's anything JMM hasn't seen. Close decision for JMM.
I would love to see Guzman take Barrios place...I mean is there anyone else out there that's PPV worthy? I would pick Marquez...but it would be a hell of a fight.
Big Slim Sweet
Guzman's still out with the hand injury.

Boxingtalk reporting it could be Chris John. Considering he owns a W over JMM this seems like a more appropriate PPV main event than JMM-Barrios. Don't know if the fight will be as entertaining though.
Any reason why Soto can't just take the fight?

He has not inked for Guzman in October, I believe that he is the highest WBC ranked fighter available with Pac fighting Barrera. Certainly this would help to set up the best of the best at 130 fighting.

To me, Soto would seem like the best option here.
Big Slim Sweet
Looks like Rocky Juarez. Awful choice.
QUOTE(Big Slim @ Aug 7 2007, 01:01 PM) [snapback]353086[/snapback]
Looks like Rocky Juarez. Awful choice.

Definately was hoping for someone else, but maybe Rocky can give him a tough fight. NO way would I get this PPV!
Yeah no way I buy this on PPV. Anybody remember how boring the Juarez/Barrera fights were. I never thought I'd say it, let alone see a Barrera fight that was boring. I'll wait 'til HBO reairs the fight the next week.
I'd give Juarez even less of a chance than Barrios. At least Barrios would keep us awake and entertained for a potential twelve rounds and possibly pull a long-shot upset, but i just can't see juarez outworking or even competing with Marquez in any department other than power, and we all know Manuel can take a freakin punch.
Wow, Juarez is awful to watch. He used to at least be somewhat entertaining, even in defeat. However, his second fight with Barrera and his pitiful performance against Hernandez on the DLH/PBF undercard were both completely undeserving of this match.

It would be great to see Chris John against him for the second time. Other than that, I'm not sure. I'm really looking forward to Guzman/Soto so I'm not sure if I'd want to see that fight broken up.
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