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Full Version: Jhonny Gonzalez vs Gerry Penalosa
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Is this week. Who wins? Gerry is considered the best technical fighter to come out of his country the Philippines. Gonzalez is a P4Per....knocked out Too Sharp Johnson in 8, Pacheco in 9, fought evenly with Montiel for 12 rounds, and was WHOOPING up on Vazquez for 7 rounds (scored 2 knockdowns) before suffering knockdowns in rounds 8 and 10.

This should be a good fight....I think Gonzlaez will take it by decision..but I'm rooting for Penalosa.

Don Flamenco
War Gerry!

He is the most technical Filipino Boxer today and isn't scared to bang like how he showed in the Ponce De Leon fight.

He has never been knocked down once and has only really lost one ONE fight. All other losses come from hometown decisions in Korea, Japan, and we all know what happened his last fight.
I believe that Jhonny should take this one. He is very rangy for this weight. I think that he will get better and better each fight. I believe he learned alot from the Monteil and Vasquez fights. Jhonny is a future P4Per IMO.
Penalosa couldn't deal with speed. His losses came against opponents who know not to mix it up.
Penalosa is a crafty guy but I think Johnny will stop him late in the fight.
I really like what I have seen out of Gonzalez. The Montiel fight was razor thin, but I scored it for him, and he was so impressive against Vazquez until perhaps the biggest puncher P4P caught him flush a few times.
Jack 1000
I am going to go with Gonzalez in a war. (by dec)

Don Flamenco
Jhonny Gonzalez is the clear favourite

Bantamweight 12 rounds - Arco Arena, Sacramento, California - HBO
Sat 8/11 151 Jhonny Gonzalez -550
9:05PM (EST) 152 Gerry Penalosa +400
That's a bigger disparity in the odds than I expected.
should be a other good night of boxing
I dunno man, Gonzalez seems easily distracted in there to me and I think Penalosa is going to puzzle him enroute to an upset win.
allz i know is it's time to go get some beer before the card starts! drinks.gif
QUOTE(_iodine_ @ Aug 11 2007, 07:07 PM) [snapback]353631[/snapback]
allz i know is it's time to go get some beer before the card starts! drinks.gif

yup its about that time huh lol
Don Flamenco
The score so far is Philippines 4 Mexico 0.

By Salven L. Lagumbay
Sun, 12 Aug 2007

SACRAMENTO--Z GORRES and ERIC ORTIZ are now up on the ring, and there will be no 'swing bout' as earlier planned. Lupe Contreras now introducing them to the crowd.
Gorres lands big left to Ortiz face in the first, another big left, Ortiz looks scared but careful, another left by Gorres, and the Mandaue City fighter wins the first round.
Gorres continues to press the action in the second round, Gorres rocks Ortiz again. Another right to the chin rocks Ortiz, the Mexican very frustrated as Gorres clearly wins round.
Big Gorres left lands on Ortiz early in the third, another left, another left almost downs Ortiz, the two fighters wrestle to the canvas, and still fighting while down, referee Caiz warns both of them. They trade punches! Ortiz eating lots of lefts, as a very sharp Gorres is target-shooting. Gorres seems to be in an entirely different league.
Ortiz bloodied in fourth, and starts roughousing Gorres. Body shots by Gorres, Ortiz with a body shot of his own. Ortiz seems to be guarding well now from big lefts.Gorres again wins round.
Ortiz keeps eating lefts int he fifth. Mediamen starting to wonder how he will survive this crisis.
Ortiz eating tons and tons of lefts from Gorres in the sixth. WBO president Paco Valcarcel has a very worried look in his face for Ortiz.
Gorres applies the pressure in seventh. Mexican promoter Jaime Quintana seems shocked by what's happening to his fighter. Gorres goes down after being pushed by Ortiz, and the latter says sorry. Gorres wins seventh round. Freddie Roach goes up the ring and ready to get another win.Doctor checks Ortiz at the break.
In the eighth, a tomato-sized swelling on Ortiz right forehead makes things worse for him. Gorres pummels Ortiz. Ref stops fight so doctor can check. And the doctor stops fight!! Gorres is declared winner for 4-0 RP win!
Jack 1000
Round by Round thread is up!!!

All comments should go there at this time.


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