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Full Version: Metal Gear Solid 4 Trailers....
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The game I've been waiting for to justify buying a ps3.

MGS 4 > Whatever game you can come up with in the new gen.

This shit is going to be epic, Snake dies at the end.
Yeah....Snake is the best video game character without a doubt. I think the first three Metal Gear Solid's are 3 of the GOATS. I've seen gameplay footage of the new Metal Gear and there are alot of new features. I guess when Snake dies, they'll make that blonde guy Raiden the main character.
Snake is going to have the most epic death in the history of video games.

Raiden was on some crying shit in MGS 2 and then that colonel look a like of his(maybe his grandfather?) in MGS 3 was a homo with the general (forgot his name all of sudden.) But this Raiden in MGS 4 with the ninja gear and stabbing himself in the stomach to get his sword through Vamp is redeeming him.

MGS 4 is going to be EPIC I tell you.
LOL...The homo Raiden look alike in Metal Gear Solid 3 has no relation to Raiden....he was just a joke character made for all the Raiden haters.

I'll be honest, I didn't mind playing Raiden in MGS 2...but man he had alot of issues with his girl. Evrytime you saved, you had to go through a long ass codec call. this one in 4 is a bad ass.
Yeah, MGS4 Raiden looks slick and sick. They better have this whole side game where you get to play as Raiden through his eyes in the story. I got to get that Vamp, once and for all. angry2.gif
I'd love that to but Kojima (the creater) said the only playable character will be Snake...The new Raiden will only be playable in Metal Gear Online. Sucks.
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