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Full Version: Marquez-Vasquez III: Who Wins?
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Jack 1000
It's a natural for boxing and could build up to one of the great trilogies in boxing history. Fightnews is saying that WBC President Jose Sulaiman wants the fight in Mexico. Could you imagine the response this would bring!!!??? This belongs in Azteca Stadium where they did Chavez-Haugen in 1993, (only we can expect a little better fight here! hahaha) That fight drew almost 125,000 people. This won't be a fight, it will be an EVENT!!!!

I would go with Vasquez by a 10th round stoppage, but if thee was a 50/50 fight to be unsure about this is it! Oh yea, a few conditions for this fight:

1.) No open scoring: (Seems to have died, and hopefully the WBC will KO it for good in other countries at their next convention this November.)

2.) Any ref involved in a controversial quick stoppage, is not allowed anywhere in the ring or even to attend this fight! LOL! (Guadalupe Garcia, Lawrence Cole, Jay Nady, and Richard Steele..............GET OUT!) hahaha!

My choices for the 3rd man in the ring for this historic event would be Frank Cappuchino, or Steve Smoger. I was going to select Joe Cortez, but he did once stop a Freddy Norwood fight too fast years ago.

I say, get Tony Perez in there for the rubber match. He NEVER stops a fight quick.........ever!


PS. Post didn't go through the first time.
What shocked me about the latest bout was how much stronger Vasquez looked in comparison to Marquez. I would lean towards Vasquez again: he seems to have the right "goods" to trouble Marquez any time, any place.

Great fight, in what is turning into one of the better years in boxing. Hope it finishes strong in the next few months.
Have to go with Vasquez, but you are right Jack, this is a tough one. I'm starting to really believe that Vasquez's performance lacked a bit in their first meeting due to the nose blast he recieved in the first round of their first bout. Cause Vasquez was on par with Marquez the whole time until he started pullin ahead due to his power. Have to go with Vasquez. Love both these guys though. There is just something very special about Israel.
Marquez was clearly better the first time and this time Vasquez was better. For the third fight I will slightly favor Marquez because he needs to fight smarter and not try to hook with Vasquez and fight him from a distance. I will go with Marquez by mid rounds to late rounds TKO because of cuts.
Chavez said he could have went into the ring drunk and still beat Haugen, he wasn't kidding. I remember Haugen came into the ring with the song "Born in the USA", that was hilarious, he is lucky to still be alive.
What I find EXCITING is that these two fighters don't want the judges to have anything to do with the fight.



... with their freakish powers, NO WAY is this going to last the distance.

Either Marquez gets knocked out within 8 or Vazquez gets TKOed on a broken nose or a cut.
Steve Smoger ought to be the referee. I really hope they do it in Mexico. It could still be broadcast at the normal times for American audiences, unlike many of the other notable international fights, and it would be absolutely huge there.

The judges won't matter with these guys.
By the way, I have no clue who will win this fight. I thought it was a pick 'em in the first, Marquez in the second, and back to a pick 'em in the third.
Jay Nady or Joe Cortez should Ref this bout !
Just like the first two I think the 3rd figth would be another toss up. Vasquez seems to be able to take Marquez shots better but his skin has been troubling him lately.

If Marquez wins it's by stoppage due to cuts if not Vazquez takes it by late rd stoppage agian eithr way this should be the 2008 FOTY.
I think Marquez makes adjustments and stops Vazquez in another war. Steve Smoger or Tony Weeks should ref.
It all comes down to what gameplan Marquez executes. If he boxes smartly he wins but if he tries to trade he loses.
QUOTE(AlterEgo @ Aug 11 2007, 10:38 AM) [snapback]353562[/snapback]
It all comes down to what gameplan Marquez executes. If he boxes smartly he wins but if he tries to trade he loses.

It's Marquez's style to fight inside and aggressively. The only way he can minimize his chance of getting tagged by Vasquez is to be on his bike, and that is uncharacteristic for Marquez. After watching both fights and how everything panned out, Vasquez has the advantage here. I honestly believe that Vasquez's nose injury had a bit to do with his performance in that first fight after seeing how he was in the second. Marquez has a speed advantage, but Vasquez has a great chin and power that has hurt Marquez on numerous occasions between the two fights. I believe that the only way Marquez wins is if he stops Israel on cuts, which is VERY possible. Wanna see a rematch and won't be layin ant $ on this one.
Vasquez just seems stronger. He has shown he can take Marquez' best punches and keep coming but Marquez can only absorb so much from Vasquez. Like South said, Vasquez can be stopped due to injuries or cuts and Marquez is capable of winning rounds, but the way these guys throw punches and constantly come forward I don't see a third fight going to any scorecards. I see Vasquez knocking Marquez out again. BTW, I just saw part two and I thought it was a fair stoppage. Marquez was still throwing punches after the KD but there was absolutely nothing on them and the way he keeled over right before the ref waved it was evident that he was having trouble keeping himself up and would have only taken a more severe beating.
My goodness, I just got finished watching Marquez/Vazquez II and all I can say is WOW, rounds 3 and 5 were incredible!!!

I'm not sure what I think about the stoppage, maybe should have let it go on about 10-20 seconds more but then again Marquez was getting hurt by almost everything Vazquez landed....GREAT victory for Vazquez and he might just crack my top 10 P4P...FOTY so far by far....

Vazquez looked like a little tank up in there, he was hurting Marquez will multiple shots and Marquez was looking beatdown...


I don't think Marquez needs to either "get on his bike" or "brawl" - he can find the happy medium of boxing and throwing combinations while using some movement. When he was doing this in both fights IMO he got the better of Vasquez. Most of the times that he was getting tagged and hurt against Vasquez was when Marquez was flat footed. Marquez has more than enough ability to hurt Vasquez, but he needs to accumulate damage over the first half of the fight and possibly get him late, not go out into an all out war and trade from the opening bell.

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