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Full Version: Attention Richard Butkiss
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Touch oF SleeP announces his challenge for the Light Heavyweight Championship of the World against the newly crowned champion, Richard Butkiss. Touch oF SleeP is biggest draw besides Iron. Do you, Butkiss accept the challenge of Touch oF SleeP the #1 Contender????
Don Flamenco
AND NEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No can do Fatty, I'm moving down to super middleweight.
I smell duck.
Yes I do smell one
Don Flamenco
QUOTE(Light Heavy Weight Champion of the World Richard Dick Butkiss @ Aug 12 2007, 02:49 AM)
I'll let management decide who I should fight next. I have the utmost confidence in my promoter Big G that he will give me the most lucrative fight at 175... Whether that be the rematch with Jean Pascal or Fatty....

"My left is from Harvard - My right is from Yale. I'ma put that boy to school!"

Touch oF SleeP is the most lucrative fight. YOU HEARD EM G, MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!
Don Flamenco
Don't forget the retirement fights pretty please!
QUOTE(Touch oF SleeP - Former Super Middleweight & Jr. Middleweight World Champion; #1 Contender to the Light Heavyweight Title)
It's official now Dick, your ass belongs to ME SUCKA! Get that belt ready! You lookin at the next champ, right here! Oh and don't think I forgot about your sorry ass Harold, Im creepin up on yo ass! Im gettin closer sucka!!! HAAAAAAARRRRRRROOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLDDDDDDDDDDDD

Butkiss gave Tunney a beat-down....the winner him and "Touch oF Sleep" deserves major props.
Don Flamenco
QUOTE(Light Heavyweight Champion of the World, Dick Butkiss @ Aug 12 2007, 05:33 AM)
I'm coming out to 'Eye of the Tiger' and we all know what that means - Fighters are 133 wins VS. 0 losses when coming out to that song.

Hey Fatty, you look like my son's ass, nice and round.

Nathan's stock has gone up ever since Fatty' over there fell in love wub.gif with the big homie Harry Angus.

I know, maybe instead of putting money on me, the sure thing, maybe we should all chip in and buy Nathan's stock bye.gif

I'm here all week jester.gif

QUOTE(Touch oF SleeP - Former Super Middleweight & Jr. Middleweight World Champion)
You dead sucka, YOU DEAD!!!

Al Hata

I think the Genesis has earned a shot at the lightheavy weight title against the winner of touch of sleep and Dick.

Dick, I want that rematch.
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