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Full Version: My kid just won his second Amateur fight
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Kind of reminds me of Tyson, he was a bit wild at first but once I told him to cut that shit out he closed the show Do not blink
Nice....good power.
Thanks, That kid we fought helped us out by not keeping them hands up and using that jab he must have thought there was no way that my kid would win this one becuase of the difference in height.
the power is real I feel it on my hands every day in the gym when we run the mitts, the kid can friggen bang for his size, I guess that has to do with his background in highschool football.
dam i blinked both times & had to watch it over! lol! laugh.gif good job by the kid bro!! mad props! friends.gif
That was nice...

How long has he been training to box and how old is he? I want my youngest son to go to the local gym but right now he's only 8, 9 in September...but I've taught him all the basics for a couple of years.
Jack 1000
Hey Bazooka,

That was GREAT!!!! Good power on that shot! Best of luck in working with him.

Good stuff. It's good that he's got that natural power. Some kids can train for years and never get the ability to put someone down with one punch, so it bodes well for his future that he can do it.

Give him props!!

Thanks we will be fighting again in a couple of weeks he has room to take off some more weight that fight he weighed 160 we want to take off about five more pounds and enter the welter weight class becuase of his height he will still be shorter than everybody we fight but atleaste we wont run into too many guys like this one, that guy was a foot taller than us my kid is only 5'3 he is 19 and I have been working with him for 18 months he came to the gym at 195 due to him playing football in highschool.
I know we have plenty of room to work with but the key is not pushing him too hard I will keep you all updated and post his future fights, the knock out was beautiful, I had the best view in the house I got to see where it landed and the kids eyes roll back as he went limp, it was right on the kisser as Tarver would say and the lights went out.
If I were you I'd try to get him down to 140 even.....
QUOTE(biggeorge89 @ Aug 13 2007, 11:00 AM) [snapback]353895[/snapback]
If I were you I'd try to get him down to 140 even.....

To be 100% honest with you, that is the goal, but I am weary of it having a impact on how he performs so we are taking things little by little at this point, I also want to keep him fighting taking him down another 20 pounds the correct way would mean he has to be sitting in the gym for about 6 months with out a fight, I mean the sparring is good but I dont want him to think I aint trying to keep him active.
we should be at 140 with in the year if all goes well.
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