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Full Version: Greatest Puerto Rican fighter of all time?
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Not sure if this has been done before so i'll go ahead and do it anyway.

My top choices are

1.Wilfredo Gomez

2.Carlos Ortiz

3.Felix Trinidad

4.Wilfred Benitez

5. Edwin rosario

I have to give the #1 spot to Gomez(call be biased rolleyes_anim.gif but I think most will agree) he was the complete boxer puncher, is handsdown the best 122lb of all time aswell as one of the hardets punchers of all time he could pretty much do it all in the ring.

I think Ortiz deserves the #2 spot he was a great boxer with great skill and beat the top fighters of his era, one of my personal favorites of all time.

After that is gets pretty tricky for me. I know some modern fans will probably have Tito #1 but I think it's safe to say he did not accomplish as much as Gomez and Ortiz did hell I'll probably even put Benitez ahead of Tito.

As for Rosario I know some might not have him up that high but this maybe another case of just being biased from my part. I grew up watching "Chapo" he always put up great fights and even in defeat he was still impressive.
Wow the classic section is dead back in the day it was more popular here than anyother section.
Kijis Konar
My problem with Gomez is that Wilfredo was the greatest 122 ever, but he was very mediocre at 126 and even worse at 130. At least Tito was a force at 154 and was fairly good at 160.
Ortiz for me.
I can see some making a case for Ortiz.

I agree that Gomez best weight was 122lb but at 126 I think it's tough to guage just how good he was. Yes he lost to Sanchez but I think Sanchez is arguably the 2nd best featherweight of all time so there's no shame in that. Once he lost to Nelson you can see that he was slipping already I don't think Nelson would have done what he did to him had Gomez been in his prime.

As for Tito his best win at 154lb was against a young Vargas that IMO is not better than Gomez win over Laporte at 126lb.
At 160lb Tito did nothing his win over Joppy was not better that Gomez win over Lockridge conterversial or not Gomez was past his best.
Gomez was one of the best fighters I've seen that incorporated offense/defense- to have the ability to box, although having frightening power. He gets away from this nice blend though, as his KO's began to mount. Looked like another fighter that began to fall in love with his power-he was also lazy as hell, so his absolute peak/prime wasn't as long as it should've been. He was also one of the dirtier fighters I've seen, & a tad chinny.

Also like Zarate & Foster, once he moved up in weight, it seems like many of the advantages he enjoyed were lost.

I'd say he was the greatest fighter from PR though, although I like Ortiz better as a fighter. Carlos Ortiz is one of my favorites.

Tito's popularity overrates him, & tends to eclipse him from fighters that have better resumes.
I agree Gomez prime was very short if he had the discipline to stay in top shape he would IMO have accomplished alot more.

I also agree that Tito's popularity tends to overrate him alot atleast with his countrymen.
Kijis Konar
My picks are:

1) Gomez
2) Trinidad
3) Ortiz

I will admit I have to see more of Ortiz.
Ortiz is one of the more balanced fighters I've seen footage of-he does EVERYTHING extremely well. He gets the short end of the stick with all time lightweight ratings, but he was a terrific champion.

I also dug Escalera back in the day, with him carrying around snakes & sh!t. Going to have to dig out his Arguello bouts again one of these days: the guy had tremendous guts.

Tito is overrated, but man, is he popular. He isn't as overrated as Jose Torres though. Great fighter, but not a HOF type of fighter in my opinion.
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