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Full Version: anyone doing Round by round for Arthur Abraham fight?
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I would be grateful
I might do one.
Some commentary from former light heavyweight champion Henry Maske and a quick interview with former super middleweight champion Markus Beyer provide filler as Abraham jumps rope and Gevor shadowboxes to warm up before their clash. Michael Buffer is on hand to announce the entrance of the fighters. The challenger, Gevor, comes in first...a slow walk to the ring, his head hung low as he constantly looks down at the floor...definitely not a look of confidence. The champion, Abraham, enters next dawning a king's crown and a robe decked with fur as a live band plays to the crowd. Interestingly enough, Buffer is only speaking English to the German crowd in attendance at Max Schmeling Halle. "MEINE DAMEN UND HERREN....LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLEEEEEEEEEE!"
Abraham comes out with his guard up and firing the jab. Gevor tries to break through the guard to the body but most of it is blocked. Again, Abraham holds his guard up high and is content to backup to the corner and let Gevor work, landing mostly on his arms. Every now and then, Abraham pokes a jab through and connects, then he covers up and lets Gevor work. They trade to the body. Gevor lands a right upstairs. HARD 1-2 upstairs lands for Abaraham. Now Abraham puts his head down and bangs to the body. Right hand upstairs lands for Abraham. Right hand down the pipe lands for Abraham. Gevor chases him down and lands a left. Round to Abraham who looks bigger and stronger than his opponent.

Abraham 10 Gevor 9
Both men pecking with their jabs. Abraham lands a right hand upstairs and circles away. Gevor lands a left. Abraham lands a quick combo. Tight guard like Winky Wright for Abraham as he blocks a lot of Gevor's pitty-pat shots. Abraham lands an uppercut and a right hand. Gevor slides a left in through the guard. Nice four punch combo lands for Abraham...and two hard right hands. Wooooo...another big right hand lands for Abraham and the crowd cheers. Gevor rushes in and tries to flurry at the end, but Abraham lands the more effective punches. Round to Abraham, but it'll be interesting to see if the judges will count any of the punches that Gevor has been landing on Abraham's arms.

Abraham 20 Gevor 18
Abraham fires the jab and lands a right down the pipe. Gevor being a lot more cautious now. Another right hand upstairs and a three punch combo to the body lands for Abraham. Gevor lands a right to the body of his own. Now Abraham lands a hard right to the body. Left hand and another right to the body bends Gevor over. Gevor comes forward and lands a left and a right. Abraham backs him up with a right. WOOOOOOO.....HUGE right hand landed by Abraham. Another one lands down the pipe as Abraham starts to showboat a little. Round to Abraham.

Abraham 30 Gevor 27
Gevor still working on chopping the bigger man down as he lands a series of right hands to the body while Abraham holds the guard up. Abraham tries to get his jab working. Gevor presses the action and backs Abraham up with a high workrate. Some of the punches are being blocked, but some of them are getting through. A quick break in the action as Gevor loses his mouthpiece. Again Abraham is content to just hold his guard up and let Gevor work. Abraham lands a 1-2 and then tees off with two big right hands. Another right hand lands for Abraham. Gevor lands a left. And now a right hand lands for Gevor. Round to Gevor. Abraham probably landed the better looking punches, but he definitely got outworked in this round.

Abraham 39 Gevor 37
Abraham lands a left hook to start the round. Right hand lands for Abraham. Gevor backs him up with a left and a right, but it looks like he's lost some steam on his punches. Abraham lands a quick 1-2. Gevor lands a left down the middle. Gevor lands a right, but gets countered by Abraham. Abraham lands a right hand to the body. Gevor lands a right to the body. Left hand upstairs lands for Gevor who continues to throw four and five punches to Abraham's one and two. They're making a fight out of it now as both men start to trade coming down the stretch. Again, round to Gevor for outworking Abraham who may be landing the better looking punches. Gevor is definitely game and he's in it to win it.

Abraham 48 Gevor 47
Both men come out more active now. Abraham lands a nice right hand upstairs. Gevor lands a right hook and an uppercut. Abraham is pissed and he spins Gevor and pushes him into the ropes like Drago did Creed. Abraham lands a right and a left, but Gevor takes it and fires back. Three jabs lands for Abraham and a 1-2 to the body. Hard right hand lands for Abraham, who just tees off and lands it at will. Uppercut lands for Abraham...Gevor presses forward. A break in the action as Abraham has some tape that needs to be cut from his gloves....and it's a good thing he got that break because he's starting to breath a little heavy. The action resumes....Abraham continues to tee off with the right hand, but Gevor sneaks a left in that backs him up. Round to Abraham, but there's still a lot of fight left and he's looking a bit winded.

Abraham 58 Gevor 56
Abraham retreats to a corner with his guard up and lets Gevor go to work...most of the punches were blocked. Abraham lands a right down the middle and a right hook to the body. Abraham walking Gevor down now as though he's ready to end the fight. Gevor flicks the jab in his face. Abraham fires his own jab. Now Abraham backs up to another corner with his guard up and let's Gevor throw his punches. Abraham tees off with the right hand...lands three in a row. Another 1-2 has Gevor wobbled. WOOOOOO...big right hand lands for Abraham. Gevor is still game though and lands a 1-2. Round to Abraham, who used a little of the rope-a-dope to wear his opponent down....Gevor looks exhausted now.

Abraham 68 Gevor 65
Both men trade jabs. Abraham keeps the guard up...Gevor sneaks a left to the body in. Abraham buries his head and really works Gevor's body with a five punch combo. Nice four punch combo from Abraham backs Gevor up. Gevor continues to land the right hand at will....three in a row...and another. Now Abraham looks tired as he appears to be taking a break along the ropes. Abraham lands a hard 1-2 to the body....and a right hand down the middle....wooooo.....Abraham looking to finish him....he's unloading now....right, left, right hand....Gevor is rocked and wobbled, but somehow he's still standing. Abraham landing everything...end of the round. Nice action in the last 30 seconds. Big round for Abraham.

Abraham 78 Gevor 74
Gevor is still game as he continues to come forward trying to chop the bigger man down. Abraham lands a right hand. Gevor lands a right of his own. Abraham digs a 1-2 o the body. Gevor backs him up to a corner. Hard left hook by Abraham lands upstairs. Another right hand land for Abraham who's walking around the ring with his hands down. Gevor presses forward and Abraham flurries to teh body. Wooooo...nice left hook lands for Abraham. And an uppercut rocks Gevor at the end of the round. Round to Abraham.

Abraham 88 Gevor 83
Abraham looked really tired in his corner. Gevor lands a lazy right hand on Abraham who looks exhausted, but is still firing an occassional 1-2. Right hand lands for Abraham and they clinch. Right hand lands for Abraham and he puts the guard up and lets Gevor work the body. Uppercut lands for Abraham. HUGE left hook has Gevor backing up....and a right hand lands for Abraham. WOOOOO...another big left hand lands for Abraham and Gevor looks ready to go again. Abraham jumps on him....1-2 lands upstairs, but somehow, Gevor withstands the assault and presses forward. They clinch. End of the round. Round to Abraham.

Abraham 98 Gevor 92
The ref warns Gevor's corner that he's not going to let him take too much punishment. "I don't want a guy who's too tough for his own good." The actoin resumes. Both men pawing with their jabs. Abraham works the body. Gevor backs him up. Right hand down the middle lands for Abraham. They clinch. Abraham taking the round off a little as he's content to lay against the ropes with his guard up while Gevor lands pitty-pat punches to his arms. Abraham lands three left hooks in a row. And WOOOOOOOOOOO....ANOTHER CRUSHING LEFT HOOK JUST DROPS GEVOR. THAT'S IT. GEVOR JUST SLUMPS TO HIS KNEES. A devastating Fight Night Round 3 type of knockout. Wow. Good scrap.

Abraham KO11
Looks like Grevor was game and was making a push in the middle rounds but Abraham started getting him in the later rounds...

Pretty knockout.

KO of the year in my opinion.

I don't know...I might have to refresh my memory with Cintron's KO of Matthyse, but the way Gevor's head snapped, it was just ugly.
Just seen the punch....WOW....definitely knockout of the year for me so far.
I'd like to see Abraham fight another top Middleweight.....Maybe the winner or loser of the Taylor-Pavlik match.
I was there...AA coming to the US or at least get his next bout on HBO...look out for the winner of Ouma/Mora being his next opponent...good night...
Kijis Konar
Arthur-Pavlik for January!
Thanks a lot for RBR!
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