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Full Version: Cazares-Calderon
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This is going to be a battle of the little guys this Saturday. Both these guys have been WBO champ at different weight classes and are going to meet this Saturday in a pretty big fight for the lower weight classes. Calderon has extremely sharp boxing skills, as he's been showcased on the undercard of numerous pay per view cards. Cazares has a height and reach advantage, as he's considered big for 108. He's a good fighter, and has won his last 16 fights. He also has two wins over former champ Nelson Dieppa. This should be a really good fight. Calderon has always been the master boxer, but will the size difference hurt him? The one thing that could help him a ton is that there will be a weigh in on Saturday as well. I believe neither fighter can be above 118 on Saturday. I think this could effect Cazares, but we'll find out. I gotta go with Calderon by close decision. His sharp boxing skills will lead the way, and he'll find a way to neutralize the height difference.
Good fight, but I'd rather see Calderon-Niida at strawweight and Cazares-Sosa at jr fly.

How Cazares has been allowed to become 'Ring' Champion without beating the decent run of WBC champs (Viloria, Nino, Sosa) is beyond me.

Is this going to be televised in the states?
Apparently, like the recent Mijares fight, it will be on PPV on Dish Network. As a DirecTV subscriber this is infuriating. I would love to pay like $20 for this fight because I really appreciate the skill at the low weight classes and think this fight has decent P4P implications.
could somebody do a rbr please?
I think Calderon is biting off more then he can chew here...but I hope he wins..
This should be a good fight I say it's a pick em'.
Calderon by comfortable UD.
Yeah, if anyone can get it, I'd love to read a round-by-round.
Kijis Konar
Round by round, please!
I know what you're saying George, Ivan has a tendency to stand and trade at certain points, which will be exactly what Cazares wants. Hugo's hands are very heavy for 108 lbs, let's see what happens.
calderon wins split decision drinks.gif
I'm happy for lil of the best fighters in the world P4P...
Kijis Konar
I had it 115-112 Calderon. Great win.
Calderon is that dude. drinks.gif
Kijis, where did you watch it?
Wow…I though that Calderon will be KO in this fight…but he beat a guy that was 6 inches taller that him and came at 119 to the fight…He really surprise me in this fight and he really need to be in the pound to pound list! aggressive.gif

But please don’t give Hugo a will be KO next time… secret.gif
ivan was hurt bad in the 8th, i dont know how he made it out of that round. ivan was hiting and running most of the fight.
In says there a rumor that Hugo came at 131 pounds to the fight. glare.gif
Damn...20 pounds after the weigh in...Calderon looked tiny compared to Cazares...

Cazares is around 5'6 or 5'6 and a half.

Ivan is 5'0.
I just saw the fight and it was a GREAT fight....masterpeice by Calderon and Hugo showed some great power. I had it 115-112 for Ivan. He had Calderon BADLY hurt in the 8th....Calderon stunned Hugo a few times too....he almsot had Cazares down in round 5.

In terms of slickness and defense....Calderon is up there with Mayweather and Whitaker....
I have not seen this fight, but I know that Calderon is the goods.

Hey BigG, do you think that Calderon deserves a spot on your top 15? I personally have had him #10 on my list.
It would be hard not to put him in a P4P list after the skills he showed in that win. He is great to watch.
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