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Full Version: Casamayor/Katsidis
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Joel Casamayor is callin out Michael Katsidis. This would be one hell of a fight. I'm not sure Katsidis is quite ready for a slick southpaw with the pop Casamayor has but it sure would be fun to watch him pressure Joel the entire fight. Casamayor would have to be in tip top shape for this one. Hopefully this fight gets put together. Would be a great start for boxing next year.
Katsidis is a raw talent and a hell of an entertainer, but I think Joel would beat him handily.
dj necrogenic
I wasnt too impressed with Katisdis in his last outing he has some power I guess, but how much did he have to dish out to KO that dog eatin Pinoy? I think someone like Casamayor would make Katisdis look horrible
I don't know, Casamayor is getting up in age and has been in some wars over his career. He could get old overnight in any given fight. Katsidis will no doubt have to eat some leather to get close to him but he does how the power to hurt Casamayor. It's definitely a fight I wouldn't mind seeing.
dj necrogenic
The problem these days, is we are so hopefully to see a great fighter, that every fighter who wins by KO becomes a Heavy Hitting favorite. Now granted I've only seen Katisdis once or twice, but I was no impressed enough to be ranking him up there against guys like Casamayor. He could turn out to be the next overhyped Vic Badchinyan
Joel has been in with top punchers with a more polished game than Katsidis in Castillo, Corrales, Campbell, and Freitas. All of which were in top form when he met them, and one can argue that he did not lose any of the decisions that were against with those guys. While Katsidis is a good puncher, I think his power is a bit overrated at this point, especially compared to the guys mentioned above. Of course a fighter can get old over night, but I don't think this is the case here. Joel is a fighter that does not take clean punishment and he is very slick and very clever........and can get down right dirty in there. IMO, Katsidis would be biting off more than he can chew at this point in time. Joel has shown no signs of getting old either.
QUOTE(Fitz @ Aug 27 2007, 07:37 PM) [snapback]355284[/snapback]
I think Casamayor is too slick and too good overall. Katsidis is damn fucking strong, hits hard and has shown some good heart, but I don't think he gets past Casamayor. He is too experienced and good. I want to see the fight happen and it will be good to measure where Katsidis is at though.

Yes. And while I feel pretty certain that Joel would win, this is boxing, where anything can happen. But even still, a loss to Joel at this point in his career would not really hurt him IMO. Kats seems like the type of fella that would take it as a learning lesson and come out a better fighter.
This would be a hell of a fight by nod would also go to Joel ..Katsidas has the aggression of Pacquio .If they make it the winner should fight Juan Diaz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm with all of you guys, though I think I'd give Katsidis a little better shot than most. I just really like the guy. You could argue I'm letting my affection for his fighting style get in the way of my judgment, perhaps, but I feel he'll do well. Either way, if there is one guy whose career wouldn't suffer much from a loss, it's Katsidis.
I think if this fight happens, Casamayor stops Katsidis late....Casamayor is all wrong for him IMO. But who knows, Casa is 35 and past-his-prime.
Casamayor would embarrasses Katsidis
Just read Katsidis gets the winner of the Diaz/'Diaz fight. Whoever wins should make for an exciting fight against Katsidis.
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