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Full Version: Zab Judah vs. Mohammad Abdulaev
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Your picking the wrong guy to fight though because Judah will end your boys career in brutal fashion.

Your better off chasing Cotto.

From 135-154 no one can beat Zab Judah.

Now this would be fun to watch. laugh.gif
Abdualaev losses to Jesse Jane by close decision....

He'll have to build himself up gaainst bums first.
Man our gym hates Jolie... Abdulaev knew Jolie would probably pick up the pace in the later rounds but Abdulaev didnt want to riskt anything.

Now its Abdulaev vs. dangerous newcomer Henry Brusseles who is 0-0. Abdulaev doesnt know what he has to expect, thats dangerous. But what hurts the most is that the 0 is gone cray.gif
Look. I am Henry Bruseless manager...and even I dont give him a shot vs. Abdualaev....laugh.gif

So you dont have to worry about that.

However, Zab would destroy your boy bad....I mean terrible. Career Ending. Brutal.
*Is still in disbelief that Zab is STILL ALIVE.* laugh.gif
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