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Full Version: Hitman Blood Money
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I cant beleive I waited this long to get this game, I was too hyped when the 360 first came out that I started with the basics, Fight night, Ghost Recon advanced war fighter, Call of Duty 3, Table Tennis and Madden, then comes along Rainbowsix Vegas and damn it Clanceys games are just off the hook I am addicted to them shit even Splinter Cell DA.
anyhow I went to Game Stop to grab my nephew his birthday gift and thought ahh fuck it ill take GRAW 2 and I saw Hitman for less than 30 bucks used, so I jumped on it figuring the game on the Ps2 a while back was pretty tight so why not, This game is probably the best stealth assasin game out there if its not the only one, I beleieve Tenchu is a similar style of game but I doubt it can match this.
any of you have this game? I have a bad feeling I am going to end up putting Clanceys games on hold for a bit.
I played the old Hitmans on Ps2 and it's always been a good game....
I played it & loved it. killing innocents never gets old. New Orleans mardi gras with the M4 maxed out is pure fun. Kill all the cops first with a silenced gun & then see how big a body count you can get. Evil & fun.
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